Homecare: 4 New Year’s Resolutions For Caregivers

Homecare: It’s that time of year again when people evaluate their lives and try to commit to making changes that will help them achieve their goals in the coming year.

New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to set intentions for the year ahead. But it’s important to set realistic and helpful resolutions so that you’re not putting more pressure on yourself. If you’re a family caregiver here are some resolutions that you and your homecare provider can adapt to help you both keep going and thrive in the year ahead no matter what the year has in store for you and your senior loved ones:

Homecare in Haverford PA: New Year’s Resolutions Homecare in Haverford PA: New Year’s Resolutions

Homecare in Haverford PA: New Year’s Resolutions

Cut Yourself The Slack You Give Others

Caregivers usually have empathy to spare for everyone except themselves. When your senior loved ones take out a rough day on you, or when you have to keep the peace among family members, or when you are the one that has to do all of the planning and caring you make excuses and carry on. You are always understanding when other people are struggling and you pick up the slack so they can do what they need to do. Give yourself that same empathy and grace. This year let some of the other family members pick up the slack for you so you can take a break occasionally.

Remember Your Needs Matter, Too

Caregivers are usually rewarded for putting everyone else’s needs first, but that can put you into burnout very quickly. You have to prioritize your needs. No one else will do it for you. It’s wonderful to want to help your senior loved ones and your other family members but make sure that your needs come first. You have to be healthy and strong mentally and physically in order to help the people you love. It’s ok to put your needs first. Commit to yourself first and then to your family.

Schedule Time For Yourself Every Week

Everyone needs a break. Including you. Hire a home care assistance provider who can take care of your senior loved one at least once a week so that you can take time for yourself. Go shopping, meet some friends, go work out, or just go home and take a long nap. Schedule time that is just for you and don’t let anyone steal that time. Put it on your calendar so that you don’t schedule any other commitments during that time. Arrange for a home care assistance provider and don’t feel guilty about taking time to rejuvenate yourself.

Homecare: Forgive Yourself For Making Mistakes

Caregivers often struggle to forgive themselves when it comes to caring for their senior parents. Maybe you weren’t as patient as you wanted to be, or you made a mistake scheduling an appointment or did something wrong. Mistakes happen, and they will happen all the time. You need to forgive yourself for making mistakes because you are human and humans make mistakes. What really matters is that you and your homecare provider keep trying and keep doing whatever you can to help your senior loved ones.


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