Home Health Care: Why Doesn’t Your Dad Sleep All Night?

Home Health Care: Every adult should aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep every day.

Your dad falls short of that. He goes to bed at 10 a.m. and is wide awake and ready to start his day at 2 a.m. Why isn’t he sleeping through the night? A Home Health Care Provider can help you with this.


Home Health Care in Media PA: Sleep

Home Health Care in Media PA: Sleep


Home Health Care: What Causes Sleep Pattern Changes?

As you age, your body changes. One thing that happens is that you get sleepier earlier, which causes you to wake earlier. You also don’t fall into as deep a sleep, which impacts melatonin production. This is all due to hormonal changes that are natural with aging.

That’s one of the big reasons that your dad may not get as much sleep. Other factors can keep him from sleeping through the night. Medication side effects are one of the issues. If he has a pill that causes nausea or insomnia, he may need to talk to his doctor about options for getting more sleep.

He may have a glass of water before bed and wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder. After walking to the bathroom and turning on a light to avoid tripping on something, the lights have woken him up. Getting back to sleep now is difficult.

If he eats a full meal right before bedtime, he may find acid reflux and heartburn kick in when he lays down. Eating earlier in the evening can help.

Does your dad worry about things? Is he depressed or anxious? If so, that can make it hard for him to fall asleep or stay asleep. He goes to bed on time, but he wakes up and can’t get back to sleep because he starts thinking about what stresses him. He needs to learn stress management techniques.

He may have an underlying health issue, such as sleep apnea, that’s waking him up and making it hard for him to get back to sleep. Talking to his doctor about his options is important.

Home Health Care: Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Just because your dad isn’t sleeping doesn’t mean you can afford to skip out. Make sure you have someone else helping your dad when you’re taking a nap or catching up on sleep. Home health care aides can help him with everything he needs to get done, freeing up time for you to sleep.

A lack of sleep is detrimental to your physical and mental health. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and getting seven or eight hours a night. With the help of home care services, you can focus on your needs for enough sleep without leaving your dad alone during the day.


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