Home Health Care Tips for Seniors After Rehab

Home Health Care Bala Cynwyd

Home Health Care Bala Cynwyd

Your senior loved one has had a fall or an illness. Then they were in a rehabilitation facility, but now they’re coming home. You can do some things to make the transition easier for them. Help them recover fully and keep up with the progress made at the rehab facility.

You should get home health care if you are unsure if you’re up to helping them with daily exercises. Home health care providers are trained medical professionals who can work one-on-one with your senior loved ones to ensure they recover the way they should.

But, even if you have home health care for your senior parent, there are things you can do to help your senior loved one’s recovery like:

Make Everything Comfortable

Your senior loved one will be glad to be back in the comfort of their own home, so make it as comfortable as possible. If you have set up a first-floor bedroom for them to help with their recovery, put cozy sheets on the bed and get out the softest blankets. If the weather is nice, hang blankets and sheets outside, so they get that great fresh smell. Make sure your senior loved one has cozy pajamas and slippers to wear, and fill the house with the foods and drinks they like. They will recover faster when they are happy at home.

Spend As Much Time With Them As You Can

Your time and attention are some of the best possible healing tonics for your senior loved one. Although you have other responsibilities like work and a family, make as much time as possible to spend with your senior loved one. And it’s a good idea to check in with their home health care provider daily to ensure you’re up to speed on your senior parent’s recovery and prognosis.

Follow The Discharge Instructions

Your senior parent will come home with an envelope full of paperwork that includes exercises they need to do. Along with that, medication checklists and a list of things you should be doing and watching. Follow those instructions strictly. If you have questions about the instructions or what you’re supposed to do, call the doctor’s office and ask. Or ask the home health care provider. With this in mind,  don’t guess; ask a medical professional to ensure you’re doing what you should.

Be Patient

Your senior loved one has been through a lot. They may be grumpy, upset, or in a bad mood when they come home. That’s normal. Just let them know you’re glad they are home and will be there to help them. The more time they spend at home with you, the better their mental state will be. Above all, give it some time. Soon they will be happy at home again.

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