Home Health Care: What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Senior Has Dementia?

Home Health Care: Whether dementia runs in your senior’s family or there are just signs she doesn’t feel she can ignore any longer, it’s crucial to address what’s happening early on.

Home Health Care providers can be a big help in times like this.


Home Health Care in Broomall PA: Dementia

Home Health Care in Broomall PA: Dementia


Don’t Put Off a Conversation with Her Doctor

If you or your senior are noticing symptoms that concern you, like memory loss, it might lead you to suspect dementia. That isn’t something that you should ignore or put off at all. Setting up a conversation with your elderly family member’s doctor as soon as possible helps to determine if she is indeed dealing with dementia or if it’s something else. Some other health issues, like a UTI or even side effects from medications, can mimic the earlier stages of dementia.

Learn as Much as You Can about Whatever You Find

Whatever it is that you and your senior learned about her health, learn as much as you can about what she’s experiencing. The more knowledge that you have, the easier it will be for you and you’re senior to figure out what steps are next. New treatments in dementia might give your senior far more options than she ever thought would be available.

Talk about a Plan for Going Forward

Knowing what is going on as soon as possible allows you and your senior to talk about what she wants going forward. Often it’s the unknown that is scariest about a dementia diagnosis, and while you and your elderly family member can’t plan for every single possible incident, it does help to talk about plans.

Home Health Care: Get Extra Help Sooner Instead of Later

One of the most important things to consider is that you and your senior need to get help sooner rather than later. That helps you both to get used to having help, for one thing. Companion care at home also helps with forming routines that can support your senior and her needs later on. Home Health Care services can assist with hands-on tasks, like taking care of household tasks and assisting with personal care needs. Companion care at home is also there to help your elderly family member to avoid feeling lonely when you need to step away.

It doesn’t have to be the end of everything if your elderly family member is indeed facing dementia. Finding out as early as possible what she’s up against helps everyone involved to be as prepared as they can be for what lies ahead.


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