Support from a Family and How It Impacts an Elderly Adult’s Life

When it comes to elder care, one of the most important things is support from family members. As people get older, the necessity of family support becomes much more apparent. Family support helps senior citizens in many ways including helping them to live a longer life, building up their immune system, improving their mental health, and improving their brain health.


Home Health Care in Philadelphia PA: Senior Family Support

Home Health Care in Philadelphia PA: Senior Family Support


Longer Lifespan

One of the many benefits of family support for the elderly is a longer lifespan. For the senior citizens that are more involved and active with their family, the chances of them living longer increase significantly. This is mostly because isolation can lead to depression. From there, depression can lead to a host of other health problems.


Better Immune System

It may not seem like it, but when senior citizens have a better family support system, this helps to improve their immune system. Seniors who are more active and more social have better immune systems. This is because they are around other people and being exposed to germs. When they are only exposed to other people every once in a while, their immune system backs down and that increases their risk of getting sick.


Improving Mental Health

Improving the senior’s mental health is another great benefit of family support. Senior citizens that are closer to family members have less anxiety, less depression, and overall, they just feel better. They aren’t isolated and they can enjoy the time they are spending with their loved ones. Laughter really is the best medicine.


Improved Brain Health

It is important to note that senior citizens that are active and engaged socially have better cognitive functioning. If you are in charge of elder care, it is important to make sure the senior you are taking care of is socially active with their family and others, as well. This is going to make them happier, increase their thinking skills, and improve their memory. People who don’t have great family support have reduced cognitive abilities. Be sure your loved one is spending enough time with their family and others in their life.

Support from the family really does play a big role in the senior citizen’s overall health and lifestyle. It is going to help improve their brain health, improve their mental health, better their immune system, and improve their lifespan, too.


If you are taking care of a senior citizen, you should make sure other family members are coming over often to visit. You could hold family dinners or family events. Make sure the senior you are taking care of is getting involved in conversations and being active in any of the social events, as well.


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