Three Easy Healthy Habits For 2021 For Your Aging Parent

Making sure your elderly parent is healthy and happy in her home is probably one of the things you think about often as a caregiver of a senior still living in her home.
The quality of life for your parent is an important factor in her enjoying staying in her home and neighborhood. By helping her incorporate these three easy healthy habits on a regular basis, she (and you) will find each day a bit more enjoyable, even when things are hard, or bumps are hit along the road of life.


Home Health Care in Philadelphia PA: easy healthy habits

Home Health Care in Philadelphia PA: easy healthy habits


Regular exercise

Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise can have multiple benefits for the elderly, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous activity in order to have health benefits. A moderate amount of daily activity will maintain the ability to live independently and can reduce the risk of falling and fracturing bones, which are both often factors that may take your parent out of her home to recover. It can also help reduce high blood pressure, which has adverse effects on other health issues like cardiovascular issues or mental health. If your parent needs help meeting activity goals, your elder care provider can help by going on a walk with your parent or taking her to an exercise class for seniors. The important thing is that she starts a regular routine of something she enjoys.


Eat fresh, healthy food every day

From fresh fruit and vegetables to grilled fish and lean meat, eating a diet that is abundant in freshness and low in salt and preservatives can benefit your senior with increased energy, better digestion, and a stronger immune system. Help your parent know what to shop for by providing a list of healthy foods and where to find them (such as using a butcher or a farmer’s market to purchase her fresher foods). Your elder care provider can help your parent prep each food after it’s purchased so it’s ready to be eaten when your parent is hungry. That step will help her choose the healthier foods instead of reaching for a frozen pizza or a bag of chips.


Stay in touch with family and friends

Feeling lonely affects your parent not only emotionally but also mentally and physically. For some people, connecting comes easy but for others, they may need to set up daily or weekly goals. Talk to your parent about setting up weekly lunches or walks with friends and family. You can also set up having your elder care provider visit at least once a week to provide some social interaction, whether it’s sharing a meal, playing a game or enjoying the outdoors. Another good goal for your parent is encouraging a daily interaction as well. A phone call, text or even social media interaction can help her stay connected to those she cares about. While you’ll be encouraging your parent to take this step, it’ll also help to encourage those family members and friends who care for your parent to also take the initiative to reach out.

If she’s not actively pursuing these goals now, help your parent look at meeting these daily and weekly goals in the new year so that she can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of them.


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