Home Health Care Helps Comfort Seniors with Lung Conditions

Lung Conditions: Home Health Care Broomall PA

Lung Conditions: Home Health Care Broomall PA

Seniors who struggle with respiratory issues like COPD or lung cancer can remain at home as they get older with some extra help. A combination of home care and home health care can make it possible for seniors with lung illnesses to live very comfortably in their own homes. Home care is necessary to do things like household chores and cooking for seniors who are battling respiratory issues and lose their breath frequently.

Those who are living at home with severe lung illness also can benefit from home health care. Home health care is different from home care. Home health care is actual medical care delivered by a trained and certified medical professional. For seniors who are living at home and fighting COPD, lung cancer, or other respiratory issues, here are the ways home health care can help.

Avoid Having To Go To Medical Appointments

It can be very difficult for seniors with respiratory illnesses to get to the doctor for routine appointments. Going outdoors can cause asthma attacks or breathing problems, especially if seniors are going out in the winter when the air is very dry and cold. Changes in air quality and temperature, walking to and from the office building, and other exertions can cause seniors to struggle to breathe. When seniors have home health care they can get routine care at home so they don’t have to go through the hassles and potential dangers of going out.

Manage Any Assistive Equipment They Need

Seniors with COPD or lung cancer or other illnesses including asthma may need to use portable oxygen and other assistive devices to help them breathe. Family members or even home care providers aren’t qualified to help maintain and refill that equipment but a home health care provider can be. Seniors can trust that the equipment they need to breathe is being maintained the right way and is being kept in good working order.

Provide Emergency Medical Care

If seniors do have an emergency situation where they can’t breathe time is of the essence and they may have time to wait for EMS to arrive. A trained home health care provider will be able to deliver emergency medical help if necessary to make sure that your senior parent is able to breathe. They can also help EMS once they arrive to make sure that your senior loved one gets the help they need.

Monitor Vitals

Monitoring oxygen levels, blood gas levels, and other vitals is important when seniors have a serious respiratory illness or cancer. Making sure that seniors aren’t about to go into a respiratory incident where they can’t breathe is something that a home health care provider can do throughout the day and throughout the night too, if your senior loved one has home health care around the clock. You and your senior loved one will be able to relax knowing that medical care is just steps away if they need it.

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