What Can Your Senior Do about Chronic Pain?

One of the biggest factors in the quality of life for a senior family member could be whether she battles chronic pain or not. Pain is a tremendous drain on your senior’s physical and emotional resources. Helping her to manage it demands a multi-pronged approach.


Home Health Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Chronic Pain

Home Health Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Chronic Pain


Talk to Her Doctor about a Plan

Any time you’re dealing with a health condition, you and your senior need to talk to her doctor about a plan of action. In terms of chronic pain, there may be more that your senior can do than either of you might expect. Depending on the cause of the pain, a variety of treatments beyond just pain medications might be effective. Put together a plan and then go about following it as closely as possible.


Find Ways to Help Her to Conserve Energy

Conserving energy is extremely important when your elderly family member is dealing with chronic pain. She’s going to have good days, but she’s also going to have days that aren’t so great. On those bad days, it’s important that she’s able to save the energy she has for what she absolutely has to do herself. That’s when having elderly care providers available to take over other tasks can be incredibly helpful.


Exercise Might Factor In

Depending on the type of pain your senior is dealing with, exercise might be part of the plan that her doctor recommends. Stick with the amount, duration, and types of exercise her doctor recommends so that she doesn’t accidentally overdo it. Gradually working up to full workouts is her best course of action.


Stress Management Is Essential

Being in pain is stressful and then there are all the other normal stressors in life. If your elderly family member doesn’t already have tools in place to help her to manage her stress levels, she needs to find ways to do just that. Some of the ways that she might manage her stress, like yoga, can also help her to become more physically active.


Being in constant pain is a huge drain on your senior’s energy and makes it very difficult for her to enjoy the time that she has left. By finding ways to help her to manage her experience the best way that she can you’re giving her a lot of freedom to be able to take at least some of that control back. She can’t control her pain, but she can control her reaction to it.


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