Did You Know Bathrooms Can Be Dangerous for Seniors?

Pascal really worried about his elderly uncle, whose health had declined in recent months. As the family caregiver, Pascal knew that his uncle’s health and safety were his responsibility. After a few close calls in the bathroom regarding slip and fall accidents, Pascal’s uncle became quite resistant to bathing and toileting on his own. With advice from the home care provider, Pascal focused on boosting bathroom safety for his uncle and making it easier to assist as needed for himself and the others.


Home Health Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Bathroom Safety

Home Health Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Bathroom Safety


It’s common for seniors to develop physical limitations as they age due to chronic illness, surgery, diseases, or injuries. Even the side effects of medication or cognitive decline can impact their safety in the bathroom. Slip and fall accidents are quite common in seniors, and the majority of those that result in serious injuries happen in the bathroom. Family caregivers who want to make the bathroom less dangerous for their aging loved ones can actually do a lot to reduce the risks.


Any family caregiver that wants to make changes to the bathroom and improve on safety features and procedures can follow these helpful tips

1. Focus on the Floors

Whether it’s slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a bath rug, slip and fall accidents are common in senior bathrooms. Remove bulky bathroom rugs and replace them with non-slip bath mats that give seniors sure footing. If the floor of the shower or tub is quite slippery, family caregivers can get textured stickers to apply.


2. Installations That Provide Stability

One of the best things to do for seniors in the bathroom is to install grab bars. These strong handholds should be put in place in the shower and near the tub and toilet. When mounted properly, they are incredibly strong and give seniors a way to keep their balance and stay upright. Other things to install that provide better safety include handheld showerheads, bath chairs, and one-handed soap and shampoo dispensers.


3. Hiring Home Care Providers

Being alone in the bathroom really increases the risks of a slip and fall accidents for seniors. A home care provider can be a real asset for aging adults and their safety, not only in the bathroom but throughout the day. Home care providers can assist seniors in showering, bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming. They can also help around the house with laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more.


4. Bathroom Remodels and Upgrades

Some bathrooms are so old or awkward that family caregivers decide to remodel or upgrade them completely. One remodel idea that is getting a lot of attention is the walk-in tub. This is installed in place of an existing shower or tub and has a formed seat inside of a tub feature with a door. When the senior steps into the tub and takes a seat, closing the door, the tub is then filled. After a safe and stable bath, the water is drained and the senior exits.


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