Are You Trying to Do it All by Yourself?

Lots of caregivers are used to soldiering through situations on their own, but that can be a damaging way to be a caregiver. Learning how to depend on other people isn’t easy, but it might be something that you have to do in order to be the caregiver you want to be.


Home Health Care Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Tips

Home Health Care Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Tips


Not Everyone Has Family and Friends Who Can Help

Very often caregivers are doing everything because they don’t have friends and family who can help out. That doesn’t mean that you have to be completely on your own, though. There are other options, like hiring elder care providers. Sometimes, though, it’s more than just not having anyone who can actually help you that is the big problem.


Having Help from Other People Isn’t a Bad Thing

Needing help isn’t a bad thing at all, but it can feel like a personal failing on your part. You probably tell your senior that it’s okay to accept help more often than you realize, and likely because she’s reluctant to accept help from you and from others. It’s a tough lesson to learn. You don’t get more points as a caregiver because you did more on your own than other caregivers did. You can accept help and still be an awesome caregiver.


Your Emotional Well-being Is Important, Too

There’s more to it than just learning to accept help, especially for you as a caregiver. There’s the burn-out factor and whether you’re pushing yourself too hard on every level. Having help from elder care providers means that it’s far less likely that you’re going to push yourself to the brink. Once you do go there, it’s difficult if not impossible to come back.


Respite Care Helps Your Senior, Too

Respite time helps your elderly family members just as much as it helps you. Everyone needs a break now and again, even from the people that they love and rely on daily. Your senior needs to know that she can trust other people, too, which can make a variety of situations easier on both of you as her needs change even further.


You can try to do it all on your own, but you might regret that decision a lot faster than you think. Being a caregiver isn’t about running yourself into the ground just to help your elderly family members. It’s about being able to be there for your senior as a whole and capable caregiver.


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