Home Care: Turn Negativity Into Positivity

Home careA positive mindset is easier said than done, especially for a senior with a pessimistic outlook for years. It can be challenging to cope with aging when you have a negative outlook. So, how can you help your loved one change their mindset and help them be more positive? There are many small ways you can change your outlook, and here are some tips you can try with your senior parents.

Encourage Your Senior To Take Control

Believe it or not, you do control the thoughts that pop into your head. If you encourage your seniors to take control of their emotions, it can help them think more positively. So what can you do when negative feelings occur? Journal! Help your loved one practice journaling. This is the best way to feel those emotions without letting them control your thoughts, actions, and moods. This simple act can be a great part of a routine, and home care can easily help remind a senior to do this each morning.

Read What Others Have Done

Sometimes self-help books can change someone’s attitude in amazing ways. Buy your loved one a book on attitude to learn more about ways to change it. Sometimes a senior can be stubborn, and they may not want to listen to their adult child because, in their mind, you are still their kid. This is normal. So having a book to help them or even home care encourages them can be a great way to change their attitude towards aging.

Write About What Makes You Happy

Journaling is a great tool to get the negative emotions out, but it is also a way to appreciate the small things in life. One of the best ways to remain happy is to write down everything that makes you happy. This can be one of the greatest ways to start the morning and can easily be added to a senior’s routine with the help of home care.

Discuss The Things

When you write down everything, you will see there are a lot of feelings and emotions. However, sometimes it’s healthy to talk to someone about these emotions. Home care is a great person to talk to, but finding the right therapist to talk to can also help give a senior the mental tools to keep a positive attitude. Certain therapists specialize in aging adults, and others will specialize in certain mental illnesses. So look around for the right therapist and conduct phone interviews to find the right fit.

Look At The Negative

When you look at negative things that happen to you, you may realize that not all of them are negative. Something could have been a good learning experience or helped you develop into the person you were. Negative things can inspire positive reactions and emotions. A certain negative situation can make things happen for you instead of viewing it as happening to you. Looking at the negative experiences can be positive when you view them in the right lens. It’s time to sit down and talk to your loved one about their experiences.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita