Home Care Services: What Kind Of Protein Bars Should Seniors Eat?

Home Care Services: As your parents or seniors age, they start to lose muscle mass.

Through proper diet and exercise, losing muscle mass can be avoided but within limits. No matter what, your senior will lose muscle mass, but they can also retain muscle mass through dedication. Many seniors don’t want to focus on diet or exercise, but it is important to encourage them to continue moving and finding healthy snacks full of protein. If a senior is not eating during the day, it may be because they don’t want to prepare anything or they forget to eat. Home care services can ensure they get the proper foods.


Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA: Protein Bars

Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA: Protein Bars


If you are not home to take care of your parents or loved ones, it may be time to consider home care assistance. They can help a senior age in place and live comfortably on their own without you. The best thing that will help keep seniors independent is provided with prepared meals or easy snacks like protein bars. Home care assistance may not be specialized in nutrition, so you need to understand what is healthy and unhealthy for your seniors.

When you start learning about the best type of food for seniors, you can help teach the seniors what they should be eating. If you have any doubts, the senior should always talk to a doctor or even a nutritionist who can help them make better diet choices. Diet can help a senior lose less muscle mass than those not focused on a diet. Having muscle mass is crucial for a senior to have.


Healthy Protein Bar Options for Seniors

Not all protein bars are healthy. Some have so much sugar the senior may as well eat a cookie instead. Good protein bars will be lower calories, high protein, easy to eat, and much easier to open. Understanding the ingredients may also be really important to you and your seniors. When you understand what is going into your body you get a lot more out of it. This also includes when seniors eat.

If a senior does not like protein bars because of the fillers in them they can choose other foods that are easy to put together. Things like peanut butter and a banana will be a good source of protein, easy to make, and super tasty. However, here are some protein bars with fewer fillers and filled with protein.

Vega 20g Protein Bar
Vega 20g Protein Bar has 290 calories and 4 grams of fiber, which may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and digestive function. The best thing about this bar is that you will know exactly what each ingredient is and it is filling. Seniors will love the chocolate and peanut butter taste plus each package is easy to open.


Evo Hemp Bars

Each Evo Hemp bar includes 205 calories, 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and a variety of essential elements such as phosphorus, manganese, vitamin E, and magnesium. Natural hemp is super nutritional to eat and it is also tasty. This is a perfect choice for seniors.


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