Seven Smart Ways to Get a Shy Parent to Interact With a Caregiver

When a parent is shy and deals with social phobia, introducing elderly care services seems impossible. Your mom or dad is not going to like the idea of a stranger spending time in the family home. How do you make it work when you know your parent isn’t going to want to be anywhere near the caregiver?


Home Care Services in Media PA: Caregiver Interaction With Senior

Home Care Services in Media PA: Caregiver Interaction With Senior


Go Through What Happens Before the Caregiver Arrives

Walk your parent through exactly what happens on a day the caregiver stops by. When it’s made clear that the caregiver is going to be busy with things like meal preparation, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and dishes, your parent may start to see that the caregiver isn’t going to be hovering every minute of the day.


Give Them Space

You may need to force your mom or dad to adapt. To do this, leave the room or house. Go for a walk and give the caregiver time to work on making your parent feel at ease. You can arrange to have the caregiver text you when it’s okay to return.


Bring Out the Games

Games that you can play as a group are more likely to make your parent feel at ease as well. Bring out a group game like Yahtzee, Wii Bowling, Clue, Monopoly, etc. If a group of you are playing, there’s less pressure to interact one-on-one with the new caregiver at first. Over time, your parent will start feeling more and more comfortable.


Put on a Movie

Put on your parent’s favorite movie. Make sure it’s a movie your parent knows well and has plenty of facts and trivia to share. The caregiver can keep his or her distance while watching the movie. As your parent relaxes, have the caregiver ask questions about the actors, setting, or anything else. Your parent will soon be eager to share more information.


Involve Your Mom or Dad in the Hiring Process

You may find it tough to get a shy parent involved, but it’s even harder to bring a caregiver in if there’s a feeling that you’re forcing your choice. Involve your parent as much as you can. Ask about the qualities your parent would want in a caregiver. What services are most appealing?

When you call to arrange elderly care, explain your parent’s shyness to the specialist. Every elderly care agency has experienced hesitant care recipients before. They’ll have other tips to help you through the process and to the point where your parent is eager to have the elderly care aide stopping by.


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