How Can You Ensure Your Senior Gets to the Toilet Safely?

As your elderly family member ages, even simple activities like getting to the bathroom safely can be a big concern. Making sure that your senior gets to the toilet as safely as possible might be easier than you suspected. The one big tool that you might want to put into use is just being a little more prepared.


Home Care Services in Media PA: Senior Toilet Safety

Home Care Services in Media PA: Senior Toilet Safety


Scan Regularly for Clutter and Obstacles

The best way to stay on top of clutter and obstacles that can create tripping hazards for your aging adult is to set up regular times to actively look for issues. When you do this, you’re focusing directly on that potential problem and keeping a handle on it before it gets to be too big of an issue. Bring a basket or bin with you so that you can collect clutter and take it back where it belongs.


Encourage Your Senior to Use Assistive Devices

Many seniors are reluctant to use assistive devices such as walkers or canes at home. Your elderly family member might feel as if it’s clunky or unnecessary, but these devices help her to get where she’s going safely. And if she’s in need of the bathroom, she might not be as steady on her feet as she’d like to be.


Walk with Her at Her Own Pace

If you’re accompanying your senior to the bathroom, remember to walk with her at her own pace. If you rush her, she’s more susceptible to a fall. Don’t worry about holding onto her, either. Stay close and be ready to offer a steadying hand but don’t interfere if you can help it. You might want to consider hiring elderly care providers who can show you the best ways to help your senior when you’re walking with her.


Consider Scheduling Bathroom Trips

One way to eliminate a bit of potential urgency is to schedule some bathroom trips. If you can start noticing patterns in your senior’s bathroom visits, such as needing to go an hour or so after eating, then you can help her to anticipate these trips. Even if these trips aren’t productive right away, they still give your senior an opportunity to get safely to the bathroom without being in a rush.

Your senior might also benefit from having additional lighting on the way to the bathroom. Night lights or motion-sensitive lighting can help to ensure that she can easily see where she’s going, especially if she’s feeling some urgency.


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