Home Care Services: How Does In-Home Care Help With Independence?

Home Care Services: Independence is all your parents want as they age.

They don’t want to move from the home and neighborhood they love. Their health is changing, though. They need to have support. How can home care services promote independence?


Home Care Services: In-Home Care

Home Care Services: In-Home Care


It Reduces Fear

Your mom and dad may not want to leave their home, but they may not always feel safe. This is especially true after a fall. Your mom fell while stepping out of the shower. Your dad was out at the time, so she was on the floor until he returned home. She may become fearful of being alone in the house after that.

With a caregiver in the home, your mom isn’t alone anymore. Your dad can go out with his friends without your mom feeling uneasy. She has a caregiver there to help her as needed.

What about medications? Your dad keeps forgetting to take his diabetes medications and ended up in the hospital with high blood sugar levels. You’re scared that this will happen again. In-home care can be in his house to remind him to take his pills every day.


They Enjoy the Social Aspect

Your parents may not have a large social circle as they age. As friends move to other states, it’s harder to stay social. That lack of socialization can impact mental, emotional, and physical health.

Worsening health can decrease independence, but you can make sure your parents stay social by hiring caregivers.

In-home care includes companionship services. Caregivers can stop by and engage with your parents through afternoon teas or while watching movies together. They can play games or join your parents for walks at the local park.


Professional Caregivers Help Out Without Taking Over

When you hire professional caregivers to help your parents, the caregivers will only help with the services you approve. If you know your parents can shower and get dressed independently, the caregiver will not try to help.

Suppose your parents have been told not to drive anymore. They dread losing their freedom to go out, but they realize it’s not safe. With a professional caregiver, they have the help to get to and from destinations. But, they don’t need to have the caregiver escort them into the building if they’d prefer to go in alone.


How Do You Book In-Home Care Aides?

How do you get your parents started? Pick up the phone and call a local home care services agency. Ask questions and get prices. You may want to ensure you’re not overlooking other services that promote independence.

Independence begins by making sure your parents have the support they need. Talk to an in-home care specialist to make arrangements.


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