Anxiety : Daily Anxiety-Fighting Tips Your Elderly Loved One Can Use

Does your elderly loved one live with daily anxiety?

Anxiety can do so many negative things to one’s mind and body. It can take away your elderly loved one’s motivation, energy, and passion. It can drain your elderly loved ones so much that they don’t want to do anything else throughout the day. If your elderly loved one’s life is being overrun by anxiety, there are some daily tips that can help them to fight it off.


Home Care Services in Haverford PA: Anxiety

Home Care Services in Haverford PA: Anxiety


Doing Breathing Exercises

If your elderly loved one is experiencing anxiety, they should try to do breathing exercises every day. These exercises can have such a positive effect on your elderly loved one’s body and mind. All your loved one has to do is take some slow, deep breaths. They can count with these breaths if they choose to. If not, they can just take these breaths until they feel a bit calmer. If needed, you or a home care provider can even set your elderly loved one up with meditation videos that guide them through breathing exercises.



Another way that your elderly loved one can fight their anxiety is by being more AWARE. The A stands for accepting their anxiety. Many people will try to shove it down and pretend it isn’t there. However, if your elderly loved one wants to get rid of their anxiety or reduce it, they must first accept it is there. The W stands for watching their anxiety. This just means they should pay attention to how it makes them feel. This way, they can realize what techniques work best to relieve it. The second A stands for acting normally. It is very important that your elderly loved one doesn’t panic. They should stay calm. The R stands for repeating the first 3 letters. The more your elderly loved one does those steps, the less anxiety they are going to feel. The E stands for expecting it to go away.


Quality Sleep

Last, but not least, your elderly loved one can reduce or get rid of it by getting quality sleep. One of the reasons that people experience it is because they don’t sleep well. In addition, if someone is having anxiety, sleep can give their mind a break. When they wake up, they can start things fresh. This could be just what your elderly loved one needs to start feeling better.


Anxiety: Conclusion

These are some of the daily anxiety-fighting tips for your elderly loved one. If they are experiencing it, hopefully, at least one of these tips will help them.


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