What Are the Best Ways to Help Your Senior to Avoid Pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be mild or severe, but your senior still needs to avoid it if at all possible. This lung infection can be avoided, especially if your elderly family member is trying all of these suggestions.


Home Care Services in Glenolden PA: Avoiding Pneumonia

Home Care Services in Glenolden PA: Avoiding Pneumonia


Talk to Her Doctor

Your senior’s individual health issues create a unique set of circumstances for her. The absolute best way to find out how to reduce your senior’s risk of developing pneumonia is to talk to her doctor. That way you’ve got a plan that you can follow together.


Get Vaccinated

Vaccinations for both the flu and for pneumonia are a good idea if your senior is able to take them. These immunizations can help her immune system to be prepared if it encounters the germs that can cause these illnesses. They aren’t a guarantee, unfortunately, but they can definitely lower her risk percentage by quite a bit.


Do All the Things for a Strong Immune System

Chances are good that you’ve already got your senior following a plan in which she eats healthy foods, for the most part, gets some movement in every day, and gets the right amount of sleep. All of these things help her to keep her immune system as strong as possible. There may be other suggestions that her doctor has, such as increasing her intake of vitamin C.


Practice Good Respiratory Hygiene

Good respiratory hygiene involves a few different steps that can help you’re senior to avoid germs. Some of these things involve covering when she coughs or sneezes, washing her hands as often as she can, and using tissues once and then throwing them away. During times when a lot of people seem to be getting sick, wearing a face mask, and staying at home more often are also possible ideas.


Pay Closer Attention to Cleaning Routines

Cleaning and disinfecting are two big germ-fighting techniques that your senior may want to increase. It’s understandable if that’s a lot for her to keep up with on her own, though. Hiring elder care providers to take some of that load off your senior’s shoulders may be a very good idea. They can ensure that your elderly family member’s home is clean and sanitized on a regular basis.

Make sure that you’re aware of the symptoms of pneumonia, too, so that you can get your senior in to see her doctor as soon as possible if she is sick.


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