Four Excuses You’re Using for Avoiding Breaks

Even if you’ve been told more than once that a break would do wonders for you, you might be reluctant to give it a true try.


Home Care Services in Chadds Ford PA: Caregiver Breaks

Home Care Services in Chadds Ford PA: Caregiver Breaks



Here are some of the reasons you might be giving for avoiding those breaks that you need.



-It’s Too Much Work to Take Time Away

Depending on your senior’s needs, you may worry that you have to put too many plans in place in order to take even an hour or two away. Part of the problem with this can be that you feel disorganized. If that’s some of what’s going on, taking some time here and there and getting more organized now can pay off for you later. You’ll also get into a routine in which time away is part of what goes on regularly. That makes taking those breaks easier.


-“I’m Fine”

You might be telling yourself that you’re doing just fine and you haven’t taken any breaks, so you don’t need to change that. You have to be realistic, though. Can you think of any situations in your normal day in which you never take a break? Odds are that the rest of your life and responsibilities allow you time away now and again. Caregiving needs to be the same way. In order to keep being fine, you need to have time for you.


-Your Senior Hates When You Leave

Some aging adults don’t like the idea of you being gone for one reason or another. Your senior might worry that something will happen or that you just won’t come back. She might even “punish” you when you tried to take time away in the past. In reality, it’s good for both you and your elderly family member to have time away from each other. You’ll have new experiences to share with each other when you’re together again.


-Nobody Else Knows What to Do

When you’re the primary caregiver and you’re the one doing most of the heavy lifting, it’s easy to believe that no one else can do what you do. In some respects, you’re right. You’re the only one who does things exactly the way that you do them. But you’re not the only one who can help your senior. Experienced elder care providers can make sure she’s safe and has her needs met, too.

These reasons may feel valid to you at the time you think them or say them. But as a caregiver, you cannot keep pushing yourself too hard for too long. You’re going to need to give yourself regular breaks so that you can keep being the caregiver that you want to be. Regular breaks will make caregiving easier, not more difficult.


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