Burning Out Caring for a Family Member Is a Clear Sign Home Care Should Be Talked About

If you’ve never been a family caregiver, or have never been one for more than a few days at a time, you may not fully understand or appreciate just how challenging the job is.

Sure, you may know a little bit about it, have a taste, but you probably didn’t experience the deep level of stress, worry, doubt, fear, and frustration that can cause.

It is easy to burnout as a family caregiver. Even though you might be caring for your spouse, whom you’ve been married two for 40 or 50 years, or maybe an aging parent who lives just down the street, this causes stress.

Prolonged stress can lead to anxiety. It can also cause a person to completely burn out.


Home Care Services in Bryn Mawr PA: Burning Out

Home Care Services in Bryn Mawr PA: Burning Out


What happens when somebody burns out as a caregiver?

They often stop caring as they should. They may even overlook some critical warning signs or indicators that something isn’t quite right. They might make mistakes, overlook something cooking in the kitchen, or that they left without helping the seniors take their medications.

When you burn out as a family caregiver, your focus is diminished. That just doesn’t happen when caring for the senior, either. It happens in every other aspect of your life, too.
That might include your personal relationships, your job, or even when behind the wheel during rush hour traffic. All of this can lead to serious mishaps.


When you are burned out, talk about home care.

You might’ve taken on the role and responsibility of a family caregiver out of a sense of duty and responsibility. That is certainly noble, but not necessary.

Not when you recognize home care is right there, ready to serve. Through an agency, you can find an experienced, dedicated professional to step in and care for this aging senior in your life.

Plus, when you hire through an agency, you will find the flexibility of scheduling. That means you can still be a caregiver for this family member, but have somebody to support you when you need it most.


It’s best not to wait until you are completely burned out before talking about home care.

Discuss hiring home care as soon as you realize the value it delivers. Even though you may not be burned out right now, you are likely experiencing some stress in your life.

That is only going to build and get more challenging to deal with. When you talk about home care, and you hire through an agency, you can have somebody support the senior for a couple of hours one day a week to start.

What better way to help them see the value it truly can provide? And, what better way to help you get much-needed time to step away and deal with the stress you’re feeling?


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