Helping Your Elderly Loved One Shop for Heart-Healthy Foods

Do you find that your elderly loved one isn’t taking as great of care over their health as they used to? This happens with many senior citizens. They stop eating healthy, quit exercising, and start living a more sedentary lifestyle. However, when doing these things, they are setting their heart up for failure down the road. The good news is that you can help your elderly loved one to shop for heart-healthy foods.


Home Care Services in Broomall PA: Shop for Heart-Healthy Foods

Home Care Services in Broomall PA: Shop for Heart-Healthy Foods


Shopping Around the Outer Areas of the Store

When you head into a grocery store, most of the healthier foods are going to be on the outer areas of the store. For instance, you will likely find the fresh produce, lean meats, and the seafood on the aisles closer to the sides of the store. The pre-packaged and processed foods are likely to be near the middle aisles of the store. To help your elderly loved one eat more heart-healthy foods, have them stick mostly to the outer areas of the store.


Reading Labels

If your elderly loved one is going to do their own shopping, you or their senior care providers should get them into the habit of reading labels on any foods that they buy. It is important that your elderly loved one pays attention to the salt, cholesterol, sugar, and fat in the foods that they are going to buy. Your elderly loved one should be buying more foods that are filled with vitamins and minerals, rather than unhealthy fats, sugars, salt, and carbohydrates.


Buying Colorful Vegetables and Fruits

Your elderly loved one should be buying more colorful vegetables and fruits. These foods are filled with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. All fresh vegetables and fruits have some benefits to heart health or overall health. If you can’t get fresh produce for your elderly loved one, be sure you are at least getting them frozen produce. If you are going to get them canned vegetables and fruits, be sure there aren’t added sugars or salts.

Sometimes, it can be tough for senior citizens to make new meals or even to make healthy meals. They may think that because they live by themselves, there isn’t a reason to make full meals. They might choose to get frozen dinners or unhealthy meals, instead. As a family caregiver, you and your loved one’s senior care providers can make sure your loved one is getting heart-healthy foods every day. These foods are going to help improve the health of their heart and improve their overall health, as well.

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