How Do You Get to the Root of Your Senior’s Trouble with Help? 

When your elderly family member isn’t willing to accept assistance from you or from other people, you might worry about what that means for your senior. Getting to the bottom of the reasons for your senior to be declining help is going to be the priority.


Home Care Services in Berwyn PA: Your Senior’s Trouble with Help

Home Care Services in Berwyn PA: Your Senior’s Trouble with Help


Stay Calm about It

When all you want to do is to help your senior and she declines your help, that’s not an easy situation to manage. If you find that you’re getting frustrated or that your temper is getting away from you, it’s better to walk away for a little bit. The calmer that you can be about this, the better this is going to go for everyone involved.


Try to Understand What She’s Experiencing

If you and your senior haven’t really talked about what’s going on, you might not have an understanding of what she’s really feeling and thinking. Talk to her about what is causing her to decline assistance. Is she certain that she doesn’t need the help? Or is her problem more that she finds it embarrassing to admit that she could use some assistance? There’s a lot that can factor into that decision and it’s not always easy for you as her caregiver to parse what might be happening unless she shares that with you.


Keep Working on It

You might be continuing to offer a variety of different types of help, to no avail. Remind your elderly family member that you’re there for her in a lot of ways, including helping her in big and small ways. It’s possible that continuing to offer your help and the help of others eventually convinces her that there are people who want to be there for her.


Consider Other Types of Help

Something else to consider is that there might be other types of help that appeal to your senior a bit more. Having help from elderly care providers, for instance, can feel a lot less like being a burden to family members. This may not always make sense to you, or to her, though. Offering her these other options can help her to keep an open mind.

Ideally, your senior will give up on her belief that she doesn’t want anybody’s help. If you’re able to keep your cool and get through to her logically, she may just find that assistance from others allows her to do even more of what she enjoys doing.


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