4 Ways to Make Life with Alzheimer’s Easier

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that progresses in stages.
By the time an older adult reaches the middle stage they are likely to need assistance with many day-to-day tasks. During the final stage, the person will depend on others and 24-hour care. Alzheimer’s is also often a long-term disease, with people living up to 20 years following the initial diagnosis. While caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is never easy, there are things you can do to lessen the amount of work placed on family caregivers and make life with the disease a little easier for everyone. Below are 4 tips for you to try.


Home Care Services in Berwyn PA: Alzheimer’s Tips

Home Care Services in Berwyn PA: Alzheimer’s Tips


#1 Break Down Tasks

In an article posted on AARP’s website, writer Amy Goyer describes caring for her father for 15 years after his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. One of the things she did that allowed her dad to remain as independent as possible, and also lessened her workload, was to break tasks down into small steps he could manage on his own. This approach allowed Goyer and others to focus on what her dad could do rather than on what he couldn’t, boosting his self-esteem. And, by letting your aging relative do the things they can, like folding laundry or drying dishes, you’ll have more time to handle other things.


#2 Set a Daily Routine

Having a daily routine can help the senior to go through each day with less confusion. Try to get up, have meals, and go to bed at the same time each day. It can also help to post a whiteboard in the house on which you write information about the day. For example, write down the date, day of the week, and who will be caring for the senior that day. In addition, write down any special events, such as, “Hair appointment at 3:00” or “Shirley is coming for lunch today.”


#3 Wear Matching Clothing on Outings

When you take your aging relative on outings, it can be easy for them to get lost in a crowd. The Alzheimer’s Association suggests that the caregiver and senior wear the same color shirt, so they can find each other. This way, if your loved one loses you in the crowd and cannot remember what you were wearing, they can look down at their own shirt and remember. Brightly colored clothes can also make it easier to spot one another in a crowd.


#4 Get Help from Senior Care

Eventually, people with Alzheimer’s disease need round-the-clock care. This can be difficult for family members to handle on their own. That’s where senior care can step in to lend a hand. Senior care providers can be scheduled to spend just a few hours per day up to full days or overnight with the older adult, helping you to fill in gaps in their care schedule. Senior care providers can assist with things like dressing, bathing, eating, preparing meals, cleaning the house, and much more.


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