Planning a “Tentative” Getaway with your Parent

The worldwide pandemic has had ramifications on all aspects of everyone’s lives.
From health concerns to socializing restrictions to the inability to travel, it’s wreaked havoc on even the most positive of people.
If you or your parent are feeling like this past year has been especially hard, planning a “tentative” trip may be what both you, as a caregiver, and your parent needs to get through what we all hope are the final months of the pandemic as more and more people get vaccinated.


Home Care Services in Bala Cynwyd PA: Planning a Getaway

Home Care Services in Bala Cynwyd PA: Planning a Getaway


You may be wondering what steps you can take now when there’s still such uncertainty and when it’ll be safe to travel, so let’s look at some of those first steps you can take to boost your mood even as you remain socially isolated.


  1. Set realistic expectations. First, realize that your plans are tentative – not set in stone. Even though you can’t foresee what alterations you’ll need to make to your plan or if it’ll even take place, you can still take some of those first fun steps in planning for the day when you can both really getaway.
  2. Determine who will join you. Will you plan for an all-family get-together or a simple trip for just two or three of you? Knowing this will help you guess when you can go and what time of year you can travel. Larger groups will probably have to wait longer to travel together, and if you’d like to include grandkids and other children, you might want to consider school and work schedules as you plan.
  3. Do some research on where you want to go. Half the fun is in the planning! If you want to have a family trip to Disney World, spend some time reading books about it, researching it on the internet, and/or watching YouTube videos about it. Have fun discussing what you’d like to do, where you’d like to go, and even what you’d like to eat. Even a smaller trip to a wooded part of your home state for camping can let you research the animals that may live in that area, plants that will be growing, and what local activities you can do.
  4. Do some booking – kind of. If possible, look for places that have a refundable booking. Many hotels have free cancellations up to just a few days before the trip. Why not have fun and actually book the hotel that seems to make your parent and you the happiest? Hold off on booking anything like airfare or non-refundable activities just in case your plans end up needing to be altered or canceled.
  5. Start the countdown. You can go old school and create a chain of paper rings where you remove one each day before the trip or you can put big red X’s on the calendar for each passing day. There are also many phone apps out there that will count down the days for you. Building up that anticipation can bring joy as you wait.

Planning some type of getaway with your parent reminds both you and your parent that you’re not only her caregiver but also her family. It gives hope in a world that many have felt stuck without a way forward. If there is even the remotest possibility that your family may travel again in the future, start planning today for the memories you’ll create tomorrow.


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