Home Health Care – How Can Home Health Care Teach Your Mom to Manage Her Diabetes?

Senior care can help your mom around the home with housework, meals, and companionship. What if she needs more than that? She’s been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and doesn’t know where to start. Her doctor’s recommended hiring a home health care aide to teach her about diabetes care. What can home health care nurses do for her?


Home Care Services in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Diabetes Management

Home Care Services in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Diabetes Management


Diabetes ranks highly when it comes to reasons for older adults to receive care at home. With rates of diabetes on the increase, it’s not surprising your mom has the disease, but it is an adjustment. With a home health care nurse helping her adjust to those changes, she’s on a strong path to successful diabetes management.


What a Home Health Care Nurse Can Do

One of the things the home health care nurse is good at is being the one person who can coordinate care for your mom. That nurse can talk to your mom’s doctors, make sure she understands what she’s being told, show your mom how to implement the suggested changes, and also make sure you and other family members who care for your mom understand what’s needed.

Your mom can have her nurse show her how often to check her blood sugar levels, how to do it, and what to do if the readings are too high or too low. If your mom’s doctor has recommended a new diet, home health care can include visits from a dietitian to teach her to read food labels and how to make wiser food choices.


Partner Diabetes Education and Senior Care From Caregivers

One other aspect of diabetes management is medication reminders. Home health care nurses can administer medications like insulin, but your mom needs to learn to do it herself. If she’s likely to lose track of time once she knows what she’s doing, caregivers from a senior care agency can remind her.

If your mom has frequent appointments with her doctor, optometrist, and dentist, the caregiver can organize that schedule and drive your mom to and from those appointments. This is vital if your mom has been warned not to drive because her sugar levels are still not fully controlled. If she can’t drive, a senior care aide is of great help.


Diabetes care doesn’t have to be hard, but it is an adjustment. Make sure your mom has the support she needs through home health care. Call a senior care agency to make arrangements.


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