5 Tips to Keep Your Senior’s Eyes Safe

March is Save Your Vision Month, and if you and your elderly family member haven’t already talked about the various ways that you and she can protect her vision, it’s time. These are just a few of the ideas that your senior and their home care services provider can lean on to protect her eye health.


Home Care Services in Media PA: Senior Eye Health

Home Care Services in Media PA: Senior Eye Health


Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Heading off for yet another medical appointment may not be something your senior is excited about, but it’s important for her eye health to get to her eye doctor regularly. If it’s been a while since her last eye exam, your elderly family member should get in sooner rather than later. This can help her to determine if there’s anything, in particular, she needs to be aware of regarding eye health. Many eye illnesses don’t have huge symptoms.

Focus on Eye Safety

Eye safety is huge, and it’s something your elderly family member might not think about a lot. Wearing sunglasses, even on cloudier days, can help to protect her eyes from UVA and UVB rays. If your senior is doing any sort of activity, ranging from household tasks to gardening, she may want to consider safety goggles. This helps to prevent even tiny issues, like getting dust into her eyes, that could cause bigger problems.

Make Dietary Adjustments

Diet matters in all questions of health, including eye health. When your elderly family member wants to eat for eye health, she needs to be including things like plenty of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in fatty fish is excellent for eye health, as is a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Some of these changes are easier than others, and it might be a good idea to have help with meal preparation. Companion care at home can make a big difference in whether these changes are successful for your senior.

Address Health Issues that Can Affect Eye Health

Your elderly family member’s overall health can very much impact eye health. People with diabetes, for instance, can experience changes in the pressure in their eyes that can affect vision. The better that your elderly family member’s health is overall, the better her vision is likely to be. Addressing your senior’s health conditions can help her to maintain eye health.

Encourage Your Senior to Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is crucial for eye health. Your elderly family member needs to be able to get plenty of rest so that her eye muscles relax and aren’t overly strained. This means resting her eyes in between demanding tasks and also getting plenty of sleep. This is a good thing to talk with your senior’s doctor about, to ensure that she’s getting the right amount of rest. If your elderly family member is overdoing it in general, consider how companion care at home can help. Home care providers can take over tasks that take too much out of your senior, enabling her to spend her energy wisely.

Protecting her vision is something that may look and feel different over time as your senior’s needs and health change. Keeping up with those variables helps you both to get closer to what will help her.


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