Home Care Organization Tips For Seniors

Senior Organization: Home Care Media PA

Senior Organization: Home Care Media PA

When seniors decide that they want to age in place in the homes where they have lived for years, some changes must be made to those homes to make them safe. Organizing the items in the home and decluttering can help seniors avoid falls and not lose the items they love. Home care can help seniors keep their homes tidy and clean, as well as assist seniors with other household tasks. According to professional organizers, here are a few of the things that seniors can do to organize their homes.

Move Things To Waist Height

As seniors get older they often have trouble bending over and straightening up, especially if they are lifting something. Moving things off the floor and putting them at waist height will make it much easier for seniors to grab items like magazines, books, photo albums, craft supplies, or pillows. Mount shelves on the wall at waist height or look for freestanding shelving units that are sturdy and no taller than waist height.

Use Cord Keepers

When cords are running all over the room it looks messy. And cords are a major trip and fall hazard for seniors. Buy some cord keepers and run them along walls to keep cords for TVs, lamps, surround sound systems, exercise equipment, and more out of the way safely. Cord keepers made for TV cords can be mounted on the wall to make sure that those heavy TV cords aren’t lying on the floor waiting to trip an unsuspecting senior.

Look For Alternative Types Of Storage

The best storage for seniors is often non-conventional storage. For example, art print storage bins are fantastic for newspapers, photos, and magazines because they easily slide open. Nor do they have heavy drawers or doors that need to be opened. Plate racks that traditionally are used in kitchens are fantastic book holders when hung over a senior loved one’s bed and reduce clutter on the nightstand. Home care providers can also help when it comes to this type of organization and thinking outside the box for practical storage solutions.

Mount Blanket Storage On Walls For Safety

Everyone loves curling up on the couch under a cozy blanket, but blankets are trip hazards for seniors. Seniors can get their feet and arms caught in blankets making them trip and fall when they try to get up or move around. Instead of folding blankets and leaving them on the couch or on chairs mount a towel rack on the wall near the couch and use that to hold blankets. Or use a wall mounted ladder storage rack to hold blankets and keep them safely out of the way until they are needed.

Hang Baskets By The Stairs

Often when seniors are going upstairs they forget to take items with them like pillows, a book they want to read in bed, supplies for the bathroom, and so on. Hang baskets next to the stair railings so that seniors or a home care provider can put those items in the baskets. That way when seniors start to go up the stairs they will see the items in the baskets and take them upstairs.

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