7 Ways to Discourage Burglars

You can’t help but worry about your aging loved one’s safety when they live at home and may face many physical or cognitive challenges.
As a family caregiver you are responsible for helping your elderly loved one stay healthy and safe. One area that you certainly should not overlook is home security and safety. Senior homes are a prime target for burglars, and they look for the easiest homes to rob. You can take some precautions to help your elderly relative’s home look a lot less inviting for burglars.


Home Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Safety

Home Care in Glenolden PA: Senior Safety


Here are 7 ways that family caregivers and seniors can reduce the risk of burglaries at home.


1. Clear outside entrances. Burglars look for easy access to a home where their presence won’t be noticed. When shrubs and trees dominate the landscaping near the home, family caregivers should take the time to aggressively trim them down.


2. Install exterior lighting. By putting in brilliant exterior illumination so that windows and doors are lit can discourage even the boldest burglar. Motion sensors are also a good idea, centered on entrances to the home.


3. Secure fencing and gates. Gates to the back yard should have locks, and fences must be intact and intimidating. Solid fences can keep unwanted visitors from accessing the rear of the home. Some people hang a “Beware of Dog” sign on the fence to fool burglars into avoiding the area.


4. Cover open windows with blinds or curtains. Chances are there are blinds on resident windows, but many people leave garage and basement windows exposed. Curtains block the view of valuables on the inside and increase privacy.


5. Lock car doors. Burglars also take advantage of cars that are not secured, so family caregivers and seniors should always keep the car doors locked, even in the garage. If the car must be parked on the street or the driveway, then the windows should always be rolled up and the locks engaged.


6. Give the place a lived-in look. Burglars target properties that look like the owners are not home or on vacation. Seniors may not get around much to make the place look lived in. Family caregivers and elderly care providers can do a lot to make the place look more lived in, from moving garbage cans and potted plants around to changing which lights are on in different rooms.


7. Invest in a home security system. Not only are home security systems an excellent deterrent, but they really work. Once armed, they will alert occupants as well as the local police department of any security breaches. Family caregivers should make sure elderly care providers know how to operate and disarm any alarms and home security systems.


It’s impossible to prevent a burglary completely, but when these steps are implemented, chances are a burglar will look elsewhere for a home that is an easier target.


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