Five Reasons Your Senior Is Lonelier than Usual Lately

If your elderly family member is lonelier than she has been she might be isolating herself, either accidentally or on purpose. Here are some of the bigger reasons why she might be avoiding other people.


Home Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Senior Loneliness

Home Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Senior Loneliness


She’s Ashamed or Embarrassed

There can be a lot that’s embarrassing about growing older. Even though your senior probably realizes that people understand, having her body or something else about her change that she can’t control can be something that causes a great deal of shame. Because of that, she might start to isolate herself a little bit more than she ever did before.


She Doesn’t Want to Feel Like a Burden

No matter how joyful you are about being a caregiver, your senior is likely going to worry that she’s a burden to you and to other family members. It’s horrible to feel as if you’re dragging down the people that you love and that can be enough to cause your senior to withdraw. She might also feel as if she’d be a burden to other people who love her, like her close friends.


She’s Grieving

Any sort of loss causes grief. For your senior, the loss she’s experiencing might be the death of a friend or something that is more difficult to understand. Very often aging adults experience grief and loss around the parts of their lives that are no longer available for them, whatever form that might take.


Health Challenges Are Growing

One big example of loss for your senior might be her health issues. If she’s got chronic health issues that are continuing to become bigger issues, that can be a big reason for her to isolate. Some health issues can also cover multiple categories. For instance, she might be embarrassed by her health issue and she might also be grieving over losing her health. These complications make everything feel bigger and worse.


She’s Battling Poor Mobility

If your elderly family member is experiencing difficulty moving around safely and well, that can cause her to isolate, too. This can be especially true if she needs to use assistive tools, like a walker or even a wheelchair now. For some aging adults, mobility problems feel like a big neon sign pointing arrows right at them and they have a tough time getting past that feeling.

The first part of conquering social isolation for your senior is noticing when it’s a problem. Then you can start putting solutions in place. Hiring elder care providers can help quite a bit, for instance, especially with mobility concerns and other problems associated with getting things done.


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