Home Care: Important Signs That Your Dad Needs Help at Home

Home Care: How do you know when it’s time to help your dad age at home? If he’s having a harder time with these daily activities of living, you can’t ignore it.

These are the signs to look for…


Homecare in Bryn Mawr PA: Dad Needs Help

Homecare in Bryn Mawr PA: Dad Needs Help


He’s Unkempt

If your dad’s attention to personal care isn’t the same as it used to be, he may need help doing things like showering, shaving, and brushing his hair.


He’s Forgetting to Pay Bills

You stop by to see how your dad is doing and the power is out. You ask him how long it’s been and learn it’s been days. Upon further investigation, you find out he hasn’t paid his bill in months so his power was shut off. He didn’t realize he hadn’t paid it.

If he’s forgetting to pay bills, someone needs to start helping him. He’ll need a family caregiver to assist him with financial matters like seeking discounts, depositing money, and paying all bills on time.


His House is Cluttered

When you visit your dad, he has piles of newspapers blocking the hallway. He has so many cans of food that they’re on the counter because there’s no room in the cupboards or pantry.

Hoarding is a mental health issue that older adults experience. It can be brought on by loneliness or as a form of comfort. Companionship services can help him avoid feeling lonely. He’ll also have caregivers to help him declutter his home.

Dirt and Grime Are Reaching Concerning Levels

Your dad is not doing the housework. He has stains and food spills on his counters and table. His sink is covered in grime. His tub is moldy or covered in mildew.

Your dad’s cleaning habits are decreasing. He needs someone to help keep his house clean to prevent disease and infection.


His Car Has Unexplained Dents and Scratches

If your dad’s car has new dents and scratches every time you visit, it’s a sign that he may be driving into things. At that point, his vision needs to be checked. He may need to let someone else drive him around.

He’s Been Diagnosed With a Chronic Health Condition

If his doctor diagnosed him with a chronic health condition like heart disease, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes, he’ll need support. Home care providers can drive him to follow-up appointments, help him with dietary needs, and offer him reminders to exercise, take his medications, or sit down and rest.


Home Care: He’s Forgetting to Take His Medications

When you check your dad’s prescription bottles, there’s more medication in them than there should be. You might find that he’s out before he should be out.

If your dad is forgetting to take his medications or forgets that he’s taken them already and takes more, it’s a problem. He needs someone to remind him when to take them and make sure they’re secure to prevent an overdose when he doesn’t need them.

Home Care

If you’ve noticed your dad struggling with any of those 10 daily activities, it’s time to address the need for home care. He shouldn’t have to struggle to age at home happily and safely. Call a senior care specialist to make arrangements.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Homecare in Bryn Mawr PA, please contact the friendly staff at Suma Home Care.

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