Fun Ways To Spend The Summer With Seniors

Summer can be a time for extra activities for seniors, especially if family members are taking a vacation and are available for more visits than usual. Spending time with the senior in your life can improve their mood and give you both a wealth of memories together.


Home Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Summer Activities

Home Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Summer Activities


Time Magazine reports that one-third of seniors feel lonely.
Those feelings of loneliness can increase the odds of developing illnesses like depression, anxiety, heart issues, and stroke. Caregivers can relieve a huge burden on seniors by visiting them regularly and taking them out for excursions. The summer is an ideal time to go because family is usually available and the weather is good. Summer activities can be simple or complex.


Participate in a community garden

Community gardens are great fun for seniors who are used to maintaining a lawn or caring for plants. Younger family members can help with the more strenuous physical labor while seniors plant flowers or help harvest. Being outside improves mood and allows seniors to employ their motor skills while spending time with caretakers.


Go on a family walk

Summer is a great time to get outdoors. Take care to hydrate properly and then enjoy time outside in a hammock or take a walk around the neighborhood. Bonus points if you bring along family pets.


Have a board game night

Board games are fun for family members of all ages and are a great way for caretakers and seniors to spend time together. Cards are also a fun use of time and may give seniors the chance to teach games to younger family members.


Throw a barbecue

A barbecue at a family member’s house can be a fun, low-pressure way to enjoy the summer with the senior in your life. Having your senior pick items for the menu can also make the party feel special.


Start a book club

Grandchildren need to stay mentally active over vacation, so spending time reading with their grandparents is a fulfilling way to keep both happy and active. Children can read out loud to seniors and their friends and improve their reading skills.


Put on a play

For seniors, children can be a breath of fresh air. Throwing a play or a puppet show can entertain everyone and give seniors an opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Additionally, the bonding time gives residents something to talk about and look forward to.

The best gift caregivers can give seniors is spending time with them. Summer is an ideal time since there are usually fewer obligations. Take time to reach out to your senior and ask how they want to spend some time together. Every visit can make them feel special and an included part of the family. Activities with caregivers and families can help reduce stress, improve mood and keep seniors active, healthy and positive.


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