Charity “Jobs” Seniors Can Do

As young adults, many people define themselves by the jobs they do. For example, when you first introduce yourself to someone, among the first pieces of information you exchange is what you do for a living. Jobs give us a sense of purpose. So, what happens when your elderly parent retires? How do they see themselves and what is their purpose? Not having a purpose in life can be difficult for an older adult and leave them feeling unsure what to do with their time.


Home Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Charity Jobs

Home Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Charity Jobs


One way to overcome this is for family caregivers to help them find volunteer work with charities. Regardless of your parent’s physical condition, there is likely to be a volunteer “job” that they can do. Below are some charity “jobs” that are ideal for seniors.


Thrift Store Cashier

Many non-profit organizations have second-hand stores they use to raise money for their cause. The thrift stores run by selling items donated by people in the community. Items they sell cover a wide range, from clothing to household goods to holiday decorations. Someone needs to collect the money from customers who purchase items. Even a senior with limited mobility can perform cashier functions since they can sit in a chair at the cash register. All that is required is a cheerful attitude and the ability to ring up purchases. Depending on where the thrift store is in relation to the senior’s house, family caregivers might need to drive them to the store.


Serving Meals at a Homeless Shelter

Some older adults may enjoy serving meals at a homeless shelter. This can be an ideal position for someone who enjoys offering hospitality in the form of food or who likes to cook as help is often needed in the kitchen. Caregivers might enjoy volunteering with the elder adult as there can be a lot of joy in providing a meal to someone in need.


Reading with Children or Seniors in Nursing Homes

Family caregivers with seniors who like to read could help them to find places where they can read to other people. Schools sometimes bring in volunteers to read with children who are in need of extra practice. In this case, the older adult will likely listen to the child read while providing encouragement and helping with difficult words. Another volunteer reading position a caregiver may be able to find for an older adult is in a nursing home. There they can read books, magazines, or newspapers to residents.


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