Spotting the Early Signs of Dementia

Home Care Assistance Broomall

Home Care Assistance Broomall

As your parent ages, it’s not uncommon that sometimes she’ll have a hard time remembering where she put her keys or the name of someone she just met. This even happens to the younger members of the family!

But the early signs of dementia begin to present themselves when persistent problems with memory, cognition, and the ability to perform certain tasks make day-to-day life difficult. Dementia is a term for changes in the brain that interfere with daily tasks. Many things can cause it, but the most common disease people connect to is Alzheimer’s.

If you’re not sure if your elderly parent’s recent behavior is due to simple old age, or if dementia is setting in, here are the top signs of dementia. You may not notice all these signs, or it may be that your provider for home care assistance notices some, but if any are persistent, a physician visit should be planned for your parent.

Repeating Questions

Everyone forgets the answer sometimes, but if your parent repeatedly asks the same question repeatedly to both you and your home care assistance provider, it might be an early symptom of dementia. Telling the same story multiple times (and not remembering that she told it) is also common.

Struggling with Daily Tasks

While everyone has an off day, someone with dementia might struggle repeatedly with tasks, such as paying the bills or following a recipe. They have a hard time remembering what they just did and knowing the next step, so steps are often repeated or skipped over completely. Having someone home care assistance may help your parent manage this stage of her dementia.

Getting Lost

An elderly parent who can no longer find her way home from her local grocery store may not just be turned around. Dementia can make following even a routine route difficult. It can also cause driving difficulties, as spatial and visual abilities diminish, especially during darkness or inclement weather.

Difficulty Communicating with Others

Someone in the early stages of dementia may find it harder to communicate. For instance, following along with a story told by a friend or caregiver. They might often interrupt or ask a question clearly covered early. If you often say “Mom, I just told you about that.” It might not be that she’s ignoring you. She may struggle to recall the information.

Changing Personality Traits

If your elderly loved one was once quiet and reserved. But now seems to show a lot of anger and loud outbursts, dementia could be an underlying cause.

Showing Confusion Around Time and Place

If your elderly loved one can’t remember what day of the week it is. Some alarms should be raised if they are confused about morning and afternoon. When someone last visited can present confusion. Your parent should see a professional if this becomes frequent. For instance, your parent is adamant she hasn’t seen her home care assistant in weeks, when she was there yesterday.

Dementia can be a slow progression. So discovering it early can help you manage the signs and help your parent stay safe and well cared for.

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