Home Care: 3 Ideas That Could Help You Deal with a Loved One’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Better

Home Care: Are you one of the millions of Americans who have joined the exclusive family of people who have a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s?

It’s not comforting. It’s not helpful in most cases to realize you’re not alone. It’s not going to be easy to deal with. Maybe this loved one is a parent, your spouse, or even a best friend. Most likely you recognized some of the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and perhaps you encouraged this individual to visit their doctor as soon as possible for proper diagnosis. Yet, it might have taken them a year or more before they finally went. Now, though, the diagnosis is formal. They have Alzheimer’s. Currently, there is no cure for the disease, though there are some treatment options that can help improve life and maybe even temper some of the symptoms as time marches on.  If you are struggling to deal with this, to accept this diagnosis, there are some ideas that could help. It’s also a good idea to begin discussing the prospect of home care if the senior wishes to remain in place, ‘age in place’ throughout the duration of the disease.


Home Care in Glenolden PA: Alzheimers

Home Care in Glenolden PA: Alzheimers


Learn more about Alzheimer’s.

The Internet is a bastion of information. You can learn just about anything you want through simple searches. Yet, not all of the information is reliable.
You have to be discerning about which websites you visit, what blogs or articles you check out, and make sure everything remains consistent. You may read that there is a cure or some alternative treatment options that help people with Alzheimer’s get rid of the disease completely. That is completely false.
There are many snake oil salespeople in the world trying to rip people off. That’s why you need to be discerning about where you get your information. A great place to start and help you narrow your focus would be to contact an in-home care agency and learn more about this disease and where you can obtain reliable information.


Find out what the senior is experiencing.

You might be having a difficult time accepting this, but what about that aging person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Are they coping okay? Are they in denial? The stages of grief can take a while for people to go through. Don’t neglect that senior.
Reach out and find out how they’re feeling, if they need anything, and be willing to listen. Sometimes you don’t need to talk at all; you just need to listen.


Discuss in-home care.

If the elderly person wants to remain home for the rest of their life, it is certainly possible. Yet, even if their spouse, adult children, and others are more than willing and physically capable of helping, the task is going to be tall.
Home care can be a great support for not just the senior as the disease progresses, but also his or her immediate family, especially those who act as caregivers early on. These ideas can help all of you better handle what’s to come.


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