Hip Replacement Surgery: Helping the Elderly Afterward

Many senior citizens get hip replacement surgery. If this is something your elderly loved one has coming up, it may be a good idea to learn more about their recovery and what should or shouldn’t be done. The more you can learn about hip replacement surgery recovery, the better you will be able to help your elderly loved one afterward. In addition, finding out more about the recovery process can help you to know whether your elderly loved one will need help from senior care providers, too.


Senior Care in Ardmore PA: Hip Replacement Surgery

Senior Care in Ardmore PA: Hip Replacement Surgery


When can I take a shower?

One of the questions that many elderly people have after hip replacement surgery is when can I take a shower. There is not a straight answer for this. However, you can talk with your elderly loved one’s doctor to find out when it will be safe for them to take their first shower in recovery. Until the doctor gives the all okay, you and the companion care at home providers can help remind your elderly loved one to keep their incision dry. Generally, though, the first shower will be about 10 to 14 days after the surgery. That is usually when the surgical staples will be taken out.

When can I walk or move around?

Your elderly loved one’s doctor will likely tell them they need to be moving around some in the first couple weeks of surgery. Sitting down all the time can lead to health issues. However, your elderly loved one shouldn’t move too much or walk around until their staples are taken out. If they are very mobile while the staples are still in, they could tear and make the recovery process much longer. If your elderly loved one’s staples have been taken out and they still aren’t moving much, you or someone involved in their care should take them to see their doctor.

What are the best foods in recovery?

If your elderly loved one is going to get hip replacement surgery, one of the most important things they can do is to stay healthy during their recovery. One tip for accomplishing this is for your elderly loved one to eat healthy foods. There are so many different food options and meals they can eat. However, some of the best include anything with omega-3s and high vitamin, nutrient, and mineral content. This mainly includes dark, leafy green vegetables, fish, other seafood, nuts, and fruits.



Is your elderly loved one going to have hip replacement surgery coming up. If so, it is important to make sure you have the information needed to help them stay healthy and safe during the recovery process. In addition, you should find out or make a plan as to whether senior home care providers will be helping with their recovery. At any point during the recovery process, if your elderly loved one is in a lot of pain or has any concerns, make sure you or someone else who is taking care of them call their doctor to find out what to do.


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