Great Exercises for Those with Diabetes

Home Care in Broomall

Home Care in Broomall

Whether your elderly loved one has had diabetes for years or recently been diagnosed, you probably realize your loved one might need to make lifestyle changes. Managing his diabetes and living with this health condition will take some effort.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how a body turns food into energy. In a healthy body, when blood sugar elevates, the pancreas knows it needs to release insulin. The body then takes that blood sugar and uses it for energy. When someone has diabetes, the body stops making enough insulin or doesn’t react to it the way it used to. Because of that, blood sugar builds up in the bloodstream. This often causes heart disease, kidney disease, vision loss, and other ailments.

While diet changes are an important part of managing diabetes, exercise also helps your loved one manage his diabetes. Exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which will help your loved one’s body convert his blood sugar into energy. If your loved one doesn’t exercise regularly, now is the time to start. You and your home care team can help him try any (or all) of these four activities that are great for beginners and will lead him down the road to better health.


Dancing is so fun, people forget it’s exercise. You can look to local senior centers, which often have dance classes geared toward seniors, and even social dances that can be a fun night out. Your home care provider can help with transportation when needed.

If your loved one is a little shy about dancing with others, you can look for DVDs or streaming channels so he can do it right in his home. Once he gets those moves down, he might be more confident to go out and join others for a bit of dancing.


One of the best things about walking is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or memberships. It can be as simple as your loved one walking out the front door and then continuing down the block. If you live in an area where the weather doesn’t always allow for a nice walk outside, your home care provider can bring your loved one to a walking track or perhaps an indoor mall to help him get his steps in.


Swimming is a great form of exercise for seniors. The water prevents the joints from being jarred or aggravated by motion, and it also provides resistance when moving, adding in a bit of strength building. It is a great option if your loved one has arthritis. If your loved one doesn’t have a pool or beach nearby, look for community fitness centers with pools. Many of them have senior exercise classes that your loved one will enjoy.


Yoga works on strength, balance, and flexibility. It can reduce stress and improve blood sugar levels. It can also be customized to accommodate any mobility issues your loved one may have. A yoga class is a great way to learn this form of exercise, and then your loved one can do it at home.

Whatever your loved one chooses, start slow and gradually increase exercise, working with his doctor for guidance.

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