Give a Family Caregiver Exactly What She Wants on Mother’s Day

Your sister is at your mom’s house every day helping out. For Mother’s Day, you want to do something special for her. What are the best gift ideas for a family caregiver? Your homecare services provider can help you with this.


Homecare in Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Tips

Homecare in Bryn Mawr PA: Caregiver Tips

Cook Dinner

Take over dinner preparations for her. Give her a glass of wine, a glass of iced tea, or whatever she loves to drink, and have her sit down. While she chats with you or watches a favorite show, cook dinner.

Join her for the meal or gather her favorite friends and family members and make it an evening with great company and plenty of conversations. After the meal, clean up the kitchen for her.


Take Over the Housework

Your sister may appreciate a day off from housework. Vacuum the carpets and stairs, dust everything, and sweep and mop hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring.

If you know she detests cleaning sinks or the tub/shower combination, scrub them for her. You may not have time, but you could hire a professional cleaner to spend one day deep cleaning the home.


Let Her Sleep In

Is your sister always rushing out of her house to get to your mom’s house before 7 a.m.? If so, when was the last time she was able to sleep in? It’s time to make sure she has that chance.

For one weekend, offer to be at your mom’s house in the early morning hours. Your sister can sleep in and arrive when she’s ready.


Treat Her to a Dinner Out

Instead of cooking a meal for your sister at your house or hers, you could take her to her favorite restaurant. Make reservations on a day that you know is convenient for her. Ask if you’re not sure.

If she’s the type to feel bad about ordering something pricier, you could also give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant. Offer to stay with your mom while she goes out with her friends or partner.


Give Her a Few Days Off

Consider clearing your schedule so that your sister has a few days off. Make sure that you know everything going on with your mom, in case there are upcoming appointments. Your sister can take a long weekend away or stay home and relax while you cover things.

If you aren’t able to help out, you can arrange respite care services from a home care agency. Have a professional caregiver take over your mom’s care needs while your sister has a few days off. With respite care, she doesn’t have to worry about your mom being alone.

Call a homecare agency and ask about respite care services. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference just a few days off can make when it comes to helping your sister de-stress and relax.

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