Foot Care: Basic Foot Care Techniques Your Senior Needs to Adopt

Foot Care: Is your senior paying attention to her foot health?

If she isn’t, these basic foot care rules might need to become a part of her routine. The entire list can seem overwhelming at first, so it might be easier to adopt one or two of them into the routine and then work on adding the others.


Senior Health: Foot Care

Senior Health: Foot Care

Wear Comfortable Socks and Shoes

Whatever your senior puts onto her feet needs to be as comfortable as possible. That might mean finding socks that fit well and aren’t too tight, but also that don’t have bulky seams in uncomfortable spots. Her shoes also need to fit her well, without being too tight or too loose. Forcing her feet into footwear that isn’t comfortable is only going to contribute to injury and discomfort.

Keep Nails Trimmed Straight Across

Another situation to avoid is sharp, overly long toenails. This can lead to cuts and other wounds that are avoidable. It’s important that if your senior trims her own toenails, that she trims them straight across instead of trimming the edges shorter. This helps to avoid ingrown toenails, which can very easily become infected. Make sure to carefully file any sharp edges, too.

Wash Feet Every Day

Feet can pick up a lot of dirt and bacteria, especially if your elderly family member insists on going barefoot more often than not. It’s important that she washes her feet every day with both soap and warm water. Wash in between toes, and make sure to thoroughly dry in between toes, as well. If your senior finds it difficult to reach her feet on her own, home care providers can help. They can also help with maintaining toenails to a proper length, too.

Foot Care: Check Feet for Issues Daily

It’s also important for your senior to inspect her feet regularly for signs of trouble. That can also be something that is a little difficult for her to do on her own. Home care providers can ensure that your senior isn’t facing big problems with injuries or wounds to her feet. And if something is spotted, they can make sure your aging family member sees her doctor about it right away.
Healthy feet give your senior a much better chance of staying healthier overall. That’s why even if she’s not able to keep up with foot care on her own, it’s so helpful to have someone else there to assist her. Elderly care providers can protect your senior’s well-being in other ways, too.


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