Pay It Forward on the International Day of Peace


September 21 marks the International Day of Peace. While the underlying message on this day of one of ending war and violence, it’s transformed into a day when anyone can make life a better place by thinking of others despite differences.


Elderly Care in Media PA: Pay It Forward

Elderly Care in Media PA: Pay It Forward


International Day of Peace dates back to 1982. Over the years, it has been celebrated in several ways. There have been concerts to raise awareness or donations for a non-profit organization like Kids4Peace or area food shelves.

On this year’s International Day of Peace, take a small step. You can start small and pay it forward. Do something nice for your parent or an elderly neighbor. That one act of kindness may trigger additional acts that help boost feelings of acceptance in your neighborhood or town.


How Do You Pay it Forward?

With pay it forward acts, you do something nice for someone who needs help. Instead of accepting a gift, you tell the recipient to just pay it forward. If you mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn, instead of accepting a loaf of homemade bread, you tell them not to worry about paying you. They can do something nice for someone else.

That bread the elderly neighbor was going to go to you is instead given her neighbor who is a single mom. She couldn’t afford bread this week, so the loaf of bread will ensure they have food for their kids each morning for a week. She’s also told to pay it forward and the cycle repeats.

To pay it forward, look at things that many seniors struggle with. Help them clean gutters, mow a lawn, fix a loose rail, or secure a loose board on a deck. Help clear a garden of dead plants or set up a compost pile.


Kindness Starts at Home

Are your parents aging at home? How often do you help them with daily activities? Many adults spend hours each week helping their elderly moms and dads. It’s stressful balancing work, raising a family, spending time with friends, and providing elderly care.

Caring for your parents is an act of love. It’s also easy to burn out if you don’t take time for your own emotional and personal care. To ensure you have time to focus on your own needs, look into elderly care services.

Caregivers are happy to spend time with your mom and dad. They can cook, clean, and escort your parents to appointments and area businesses. Get started today. Call an elderly care agency.

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