Does Your Senior Need IV Antibiotics at Home?

Recovering from an infection is serious business and your elderly family member may be able to do that at home, even if the infection is one that requires more than an oral antibiotic. Intravenous antibiotics may be a viable option for your elderly family member, but there are variables that need to be assessed.


Elderly Care in Glenolden PA: IV Antibiotics at Home

Elderly Care in Glenolden PA: IV Antibiotics at Home


Diagnosing the Infection

The very first step in treating any infection is diagnosing the infection itself. The bacterium causing the illness is narrowed down via testing. Your senior’s doctor then determines how involved the infection is and whether this is likely to be a situation that will respond well to known treatments. If this is a recurring infection for your elderly family member, her doctor may want her to be on a longer and more intensive treatment program. That could very well include IV antibiotics among other treatments.


Assessing the Situation Further

There are other factors that determine whether your elderly family member is a candidate to treat her infection at home using IV therapies. Her overall health and medical history are definitely part of that equation. If your elderly family member is strong enough to go home, even with an infection, then her doctors may determine that it’s a good idea for her to be in her own environment with the option for intravenous antibiotics.


Managing Lifestyle Changes

Being at home and dealing with healing further may involve making some changes to your senior’s lifestyle, like eating healthier foods and practicing good handwashing techniques. Home health care providers can show you how these and other solutions can help your elderly family member to heal much more quickly and safely, even with the IV treatments.


Getting Help from Home Health Care Providers

There are other potential issues your senior might run into as well. Showering is likely to be difficult, for example, and there may be other issues with things like getting dressed and getting comfortable while resting. All of these are situations that home health care providers can help with while they’re making sure that your senior’s intravenous antibiotics are administered correctly.

Home IV antibiotics may not be right for every situation. Your senior’s medical team will determine if this is the best solution for her particular situation and this particular illness. If it is determined that home IV antibiotics are the right answer for her, she’s not going to have to go through that alone.

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