How Do Home Health Care Services Differ From Senior Care Services?

Senior care is an excellent way to keep your parents at home and independent. Home health care differs. The services are provided by nursing staff rather than caregivers. Services in-home health care are also different from senior care as home health care covers many other aspects of care. Learn how home health care and senior care services differ.


Elderly Care in Broomall PA: Home Health Care Services

Elderly Care in Broomall PA: Home Health Care Services



Senior Care Helps With Household Chores

When you hire a senior care aide to help your parents, housework is a popular service. It’s not a care service that helps with health, but it can help your mom and dad remain independent as muscle tone and eyesight change.

Caregivers can dust, mop, vacuum, and wipe down services. They can wash dishes, put them away, and run a dishwasher. Caregivers also do laundry, iron, and put clothes away.

In addition to these typical household chores, caregivers can help keep the home organized. Caregivers can bring in and sort the mail, pick up clutter, and make sure things like water pitchers are filled.

Jotting down shopping lists, ordering prescription refills, and running errands are part of senior care. Transportation is another service. You can also have your parents’ meals and snacks prepared by the caregiver.


Home Health Care Helps With Medical Aspects of Care

One of the things that help home health care stand out is that the nurses can help with IV medications and management. If your mom has medications that require an IV, the nurse can administer them. If the IV needs changing, that’s possible. Care of the IV is also available with home health care.

Is there a medication that’s injected that your parent needs to have a nurse or doctor administer? It might be possible to have a nurse come to your mom or dad’s home to inject the medication and safely dispose of the needle after.

After surgery, there’s going to be an incision that must be kept clean and dry. Nurses can change bandages and see if the wound is healing properly. They can also help with wounds and laceration caused by falls, kitchen accidents, etc. that have been healing slowly or became infected.

If you need senior care services, an agency can help you decide on the best services and schedules. Health insurance isn’t going to cover services like housekeeping or laundry. If you need more than that, talk to your mom or dad’s doctor for recommendations and then talk to the home health care agency to ensure Medicaid or Medicare will cover the cost.

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