Four Tips for Improving Your Sleep

Improving your sleep can improve so many areas of your life, especially the ones that impact your ability to be the caregiver you want to be. Take some time to look at how you can improve your sleep habits, even if you think you’re doing as well as you can with sleep.


Elderly Care in Ardmore PA: Improving Your Sleep

Elderly Care in Ardmore PA: Improving Your Sleep


What’s Your Sleep Routine?

Routines are great for bodies and brains alike. If you don’t already have a sleep routine, it’s probably difficult for you to know what helps you to get to sleep easily and what interferes with your sleep habits. Start out by determining how much sleep you need on an ideal day. You can then work backward from your wakeup time to figure out when you should be in bed and when you need to start getting ready for bed. If you’ve been overcomplicating this process, it might sound too simple at this stage.


Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Focused on Sleep

Your bedroom may need to be your hideaway from the world as well as where you sleep, but there are some things happening that might be making sleep difficult. If you’re working from bed or you spend a lot of time watching television in bed, that might be interfering with your ability to get some solid sleep. Try experimenting for a little while with keeping your bed and bedroom only for sleeping for a couple of weeks. You might just find that your brain responds differently when you try to get to sleep.


Ditch the Worrying

If what’s keeping you from getting straight to sleep is that you’re worried about your senior, you might be sabotaging your sleep yourself. Examine what you’re worrying about and immediately ask yourself if there’s already a solution in place for that situation. Chances are that there is a solution either already in place or that you’re working on implementing it. Schedule in time to worry during the day, just like any other appointment. That can help to reduce the amount of time you spend worrying before sleep.


Get Help with Whatever You Can

It’s completely possible to be too tired to sleep well. As a caregiver, there’s a lot for you to do and if you’re mostly on your own, that might mean you’re exhausting yourself past the point that’s healthy. It’s definitely time for you to find a way to delegate some of the tasks that you’re handling. Giving them to someone else is going to free up time and energy and hopefully give you a chance to shut down at night instead of continuing to keep yourself running.


Getting the right amount of sleep can literally be life-changing. Some caregivers never realize just how run-down they’ve let themselves get.


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