Tips for Fighting Bone Loss in the Elderly Years

Paying attention to bone health is extremely important especially as people get older. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, learning some tips for fighting bone loss in the elderly years could truly benefit your elderly loved one. There are tens of millions of senior citizens that have osteoporosis and other bone loss disorders. To help prevent this from happening as much to your elderly loved ones, get them and your elder care provider going with these tips.


Elder Care in Media PA: Fighting Bone Loss

Elder Care in Media PA: Fighting Bone Loss


Getting More Vitamin D

One of the most crucial tips for fighting off bone loss in the elderly years is getting more vitamin D. Studies show that this vitamin is actually a hormone that the body uses to help absorb calcium. Without getting the vitamin D the body needs, the calcium can’t fortify the bones properly. If your elderly loved one needs help getting more of this vitamin in their diet, you or elder care providers should have them eat the following:

  • Salmon
  • Broccoli
  • Leafy greens

There are many great recipes that someone could help your elderly loved one to make that include these foods. The more regularly senior citizens eat these foods, the better it is going to be for their bone health and overall health.


Doing Weight-Bearing Exercises 

Your elderly loved one should be doing weight-bearing exercises to help fight off bone loss, too. They don’t have to be intense with this, although, some weight-lifting would truly help. Studies also show that strength training activities can help to prevent bone loss. Some of the strength training activities that senior citizens can do each day include:

  • Lifting grocery bags
  • Getting up from a chair or the bed without assistance
  • Lifting small weights
  • Doing arm circles
  • Doing planks

You or an elder care provider can help your elderly loved one to create a weight-bearing exercise routine. If your elderly loved one can stick to this, it can do wonders for their bone health.


Adding in Calcium and Protein-Rich Foods

In addition to the foods noted above, your elderly loved one’s bones can benefit from calcium and protein-rich foods. Research shows that those with a higher protein intake have better bone mineral density than those who don’t get these foods. They also have a lower risk of hip fractures, a slower rate of bone loss, and stronger bones in general, too. Some of the foods that you and elderly care providers should have your elderly loved one eat include:

  • Nuts
  • Sardines
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese

There are many great meals and snacks that have these foods in them. The more of these foods your elderly loved one eats regularly, the more it is going to benefit their bone health.



There is bound to be some bone density loss as people get older. However, if your elderly loved one follows the tips here today and other bone loss prevention tips, they can keep their bones as healthy and strong as possible throughout their elderly years.


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