4 Ways to Reassure a Senior With Alzheimer’s

Elder Care Haverford

Elder Care Haverford

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s often need reassurance from the people around them. Often they are trying to make sense of the situation that they’re in, and they are looking for clues on what kind of behavior is appropriate in a situation because they may not be sure how to act. They also may not be entirely sure of where they are or who the person with them is, depending on how far advanced their Alzheimer’s is. It’s essential to provide reassurance, so your senior parent doesn’t feel anxious or upset.

If your senior loved one has elder care at home, the elder care provider who is working with your senior parent may be able to suggest some specific techniques that work for your senior parent. But you can also try any of these methods that can help provide the reassurance that your senior parent needs:

Through Tone

Your tone is critical. Your senior loved one with Alzheimer’s may have trouble understanding your words or following the sentences you are saying when they talk to them, but they will understand your tone. If you are annoyed or irritated and sound annoyed or irritated, your senior parent assumes that they have done or said something wrong or inappropriate. So it’s essential to keep your tone warm or neutral when talking to your senior loved one. If you are feeling annoyed or irritated, take a deep breath before you speak and make sure when you do speak, it’s with a positive or neutral tone.

Reassuring Words

Another way to reassure your senior loved one when anxious is to use reassuring words or approving words when you speak to them. Agree with something they said, or thank them for doing something. You can also praise them for doing something like taking a drink, choosing a sweater, or picking up a sock. Speaking approval and praise is essential. It will let your senior loved one know they are safe and doing the correct or appropriate thing.

Gentle Touch

A gentle or reassuring touch on the shoulder or the hand can also be a comforting gesture. When upset or looking for approval, gently pat their hand or shoulder. Just ensure that your senior loved one isn’t surprised by your touch, or it could be upsetting. Do it slowly and carefully when you touch them, so you don’t surprise them.

Smile And Facial Expression

A smile is another fool-proof way to reassure a senior with Alzheimer’s. A smile and an approving look can go a long way. These are precisely the kinds of cues they will look for when they are talking to you. You can use any of these methods to reassure your senior parent. Or you can combine several of them. It will help to signal that they are ok and don’t need to be anxious or upset.

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