Satisfying Options When Your Dad’s Doctor Tells Him to Stop Drinking

It’s normal for a new medication to have restrictions that keep older adults from drinking. Antidepressants, blood thinners, and blood pressure medications are among them. Certain health conditions like diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease are also reasons older adults are told not to drink.


Elder Care in Quakertown PA: Satisfying Options to Stop Drinking

Elder Care in Quakertown PA: Satisfying Options to Stop Drinking


After a long day, your dad may want that cold pint of beer. He doesn’t have to struggle. He’d be surprised at how much easier it is to quit beer now that there are tasty alternatives. Here are some of the beverages on the market that will quench his thirst for a frosty pint but are non-alcoholic and sometimes calorie-free.


Non-Alcoholic Beers

Several companies have tried to master a non-alcoholic IPA, but one Connecticut brewery has done well. Athletic Brewing has non-alcoholic beers that you can buy online through their storefront. If you purchase two six-packs, shipping is free. They have several IPAs that are hoppy and fool many people into thinking it’s the real thing. There’s also a range of other options ranging from golden ales to stout.

The oldest brewery in the world makes a non-alcoholic Hefeweizen clone. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholfrei has no alcohol but has an authentic taste that can fool many beer drinkers.

One brewery set up shop to only make non-alcoholic beers and helped trigger the trend. Clausthaler only makes non-alcoholic German lagers. It’s an award-winning beer that is easy to find in stores.


HOP Water

Lagunitas came out with HOP, a Hoppy Refresher. This beverage comes in bottles and is very hoppy and crisp. It contains absolutely no calories or alcohol. HOP is simply sparkling water that’s flavored with brewer’s yeast extract and hop oils.

With a carbonation machine, such as a SodaStream, some hop oil and liquified brewer’s yeast, it’s possible to make your own version. It may take a little experimentation to get the right quantities of hop oil and brewer’s yeast to the seltzer. Once you’ve found the right mix for your dad, he’ll have a hoppy seltzer that he can feel good about drinking.

Heineken 0.0 also came out with a calorie-free, alcohol-free beverage. It’s not as good as HOP, but it’s a prime choice if your dad loves lagers and wants to avoid all sugars and calories.

Have you thought about home care services? It’s something your dad needs as he adjusts to a chronic health condition. He may need the reminders to take his medications, do his exercises, and make healthier meal and beverage choices. Call a home care agency to learn more about the services and prices in his area.


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