How Does COPD Change Your Senior’s Ability to Sleep?

COPD is a progressive lung disease that affects every area of your senior’s life.
One issue that your senior might not have expected is that COPD can change how she sleeps. This can happen for a variety of reasons and in multiple ways. There are solutions, but she might need to work with her doctor and other providers to help her to find the right ones for her situation.


Elder Care in Media PA: COPD Changing Your Senior’s Ability to Sleep

Elder Care in Media PA: COPD Changing Your Senior’s Ability to Sleep


Some Medications Help with Breathing but Affect Sleep

Medications for COPD are designed to open up airways and make breathing easier. But some people find that ingredients in those medications work as stimulants. If taken too late in the day, they can make it tougher to get to sleep. Other medications with different ingredients can help with breathing and allow your senior to get better sleep, but it might take some experimenting to find them.


Breathing Anxiety Can Keep Your Senior Awake

One of the problems with COPD is that breathing is more difficult and anxiety about those breathing difficulties ultimately makes breathing tough as well. That anxiety builds and can keep your senior from sleeping well or even at all. The fear that she might stop breathing while she’s asleep can be overwhelming for your senior, which creates a difficult environment for sleep.


She May Find Some Positions Uncomfortable Now

Some sleeping positions may be painful or uncomfortable for your senior with COPD. Sleeping on her side might be best in terms of ability to breathe and overall comfort, but that could be a new sleeping position for her. If she’s always been a back sleeper, your elderly family member may have a tough time adjusting to sleeping on her side. Using pillows or blankets to prop her can help.


Her Doctor May Have Some Answers

If your elderly family member is having a tough time sleeping, her doctor may have some advice for her. Exercising, changing medications, or making other adjustments may be part of the new plan. Pulmonary rehabilitation may be another option for your senior. This is a type of therapy where your senior learns more about specific techniques that can help her to manage her COPD.

Conserving her energy in some areas can make a difference for your senior when she’s trying to do something like improving her sleep habits. Elderly care providers can do a lot to help your senior with this and with other tasks, too.


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