4 Ways Seniors Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Elder Care in Broomall PASeniors, and their families, should be concerned about the indoor air quality of a senior’s home. Older homes can have leaky windows and other structural issues that let in pollen and allergens, and dust and debris in the air can contribute to poor indoor quality. During the winter, especially when the heat is running frequently, the indoor air quality can suffer. Seniors with respiratory conditions or seniors that use inhalers or supplemental oxygen can benefit quite a bit from improved air quality indoors. Do these four things to improve the air quality in your senior parent’s home:

Get Elder Care
Elder care at home helps seniors with housekeeping tasks that are becoming too difficult for them. Vacuuming and dusting, which can significantly impact the air quality indoors, are tasks that seniors often find too hard for them physically as they get older. Elder care will take care of regular vacuuming and dusting as well as other chores that can impact the quality of the indoor air. An elder care provider will also help seniors with other household chores, preparing meals, and running errands.

Use An Air Purifier
Seniors should have at least one air purifier running in their homes. Typically an air purifier is put in the room where seniors spend most of their time. It’s a good idea to put one air purifier in the bedroom and one in another room like the living room, but a tabletop air purifier in the hallway is also a good way to purify the air in the home as well. There are many different sizes and styles of air purifiers but the best ones all have HEPA air filters which will filter out the most impurities, allergens, and dust particles to make the air cleaner. Look for an air purifier with a HEPA filter for your senior parent.

Get Plants
Another way to purify the air and boost your senior loved one’s mood at the same time is to use plants. Plants are fantastic for filtering the air and CO2 out of the environment and creating healthy oxygen. If your senior loved one has pets make sure any plants that are in the house are pet friendly. You should also avoid any large plants that sit on the floor because they can be tripping hazards for seniors. Small potted plants that can fit onto tall stands or put on shelves are the best choice for a senior’s home.

Change Air Filters Regularly
Make sure that the air filters on the furnace and air conditioner are changed on a regular basis. This will make those appliances more efficient and they will also help improve the quality of the air inside the home. In most homes the filters should be changed one a month. They are relatively easy to change. The hardest part is remembering to change them and remembering to buy the new filter. You can buy filters in 12 packs so your senior loved one has all the filters they need.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita