Understanding the Importance of Personal Care at Home

Elder Care: As your parents get older, they want to age at home, but they need help.

You’re not sure you can invest the necessary time to help them out, but you also don’t want them to struggle. If you haven’t looked into elder care services, it’s time to consider their benefits.


Elder Care in Ardmore PA: Personal Care at Home

Elder Care in Ardmore PA: Personal Care at Home


Have a Trained Professional Helping With Housework

Your parents no longer have the strength or stamina to clean the home the same way they used to. Your parents can’t carry the vacuum upstairs, so they stopped vacuuming bedroom floors.

Hire caregivers to clean for them. Light housekeeping chores like vacuuming and mopping, laundry and linen changeovers, and dusting and wiping down surfaces are available from personal care at home services.


Someone Is There to Help With Personal Care and Grooming

One of the most challenging parts of aging is realizing you don’t bend like you used to. When flexibility diminishes, it makes it hard to cut toenails, apply moisturizer to the entire body, and reach up to wash your hair.

Arthritis pain and stiffness can make it hard to floss your teeth, button a shirt and pants, or tie shoes. Professional caregivers help with all of these personal care and grooming tasks.


Your Parents Have Help With Medication Management

Have your parents ever forgotten to take their daily pills? Do they struggle to remember if they took them and end up doubling a dose? Whether they’re going an entire day without having the medications they need or taking too much, it can impact their health.

Caregivers can remind your parents when to take their next dose. They’ll also have help tracking when refills are needed.


Elder Care: Meals Are On Time and Meet Their Needs

What do your mom and dad eat when you’re not around? You might learn they eat canned soups, frozen pizzas, and microwave meals. These aren’t always the healthiest options.


With the help of personal care at home aides, your parents can have caregivers cooking their meals and snacks. They’ve told their caregiver they’d love to have chicken pot pie later in the week. That goes onto the weekly menu, and the caregiver prepares it for them.


Caregivers can help your parents plan a shopping list, shop for groceries, and put everything away. Your parents eat homemade meals, and they even have the option of having their caregivers join them for the meal.

Elder Care: Your Mom and Dad Enjoy Companionship

Your parents’ social circles may be smaller than they used to be, but it doesn’t have to impact their social needs. Companion care provides your parents with a caregiver to join them for a walk, play games with them at home, or join them on a shopping trip.

Call a personal care at home specialist after talking to the rest of your family and getting a list of questions. You’ll get answers regarding the available services, prices, and how to schedule caregiver visits. Talk to a home care agency to get started.


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