Are You Experiencing Caregiver Guilt?

When you first started your caregiver journey with your aging parent, it is likely you anticipated a variety of emotions. You are likely prepared for feelings of stress and worry, and may even have been prepared for negative feelings such as sadness, anger, and even resentment. What you might not have been prepared to experience, however, is guilt. Caregiver guilt is a very common issue among adults caring for their aging parents. Managing this guilt effectively is a critical step in protecting your mental and emotional health, and being the highest quality caregiver you can for your senior.

Elder Care in Glenolden PA: Caregiver Guilt

Elder Care in Glenolden PA: Caregiver Guilt


Some signs you may be experiencing caregiver guilt include:

  • You worry about making decisions about your aging parent or their care because you don’t feel confident in your ability to make good choices.
  • You always feel as though you’ve made the wrong decision, or that you aren’t doing what’s right for your parent.
  • You feel a sense of worry or gloom consistently, always waiting for something to go wrong that you will blame yourself for.
  • You believe others when they say you aren’t doing enough for your parent, or that you are the cause of problems for them.
  • You don’t want to do things without your parent because it makes you feel bad.
  • You no longer make plans with friends, or even your partner, because you don’t want to exclude your parent.
  • Your parent’s care is what you think about most of the time, potentially to the detriment of other aspects of your life.
  • You’re always trying to come up with something else you can do for your parent, or what else out of your life you could eliminate in order to spend more time with your senior.


Caregiver stress and guilt are extremely common, but they can also be detrimental not just to your health and well-being, but also to the quality of care you give your aging parent. Making home care a part of your approach can be a valuable way to protect yourself, and to ensure your parent always gets the level of care they need.

Ongoing, regular care from a home care provider gives your parent structure, routine, and high-quality care designed with them as an individual in mind. Respite care is a valuable addition that can fill gaps on a temporary basis with an urgent need arises, or you simply need extra time away. Using these resources will allow your parent to enjoy their later years safely, healthily, and with as much independence as possible, while protecting your quality of life.

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