Elder Care: What Are Four Things Elder Care Providers Do to Help Their Clients?

Elder care providers do a great deal to support their aging clients.

The most preferred and common option when it comes to elder care services happens to be home care aides. These caregivers provide a number of supports for their elderly clients.

Not all home care providers do the same things, though. When you hire through a home care agency, not only will you get greater flexibility, you will also enjoy the benefit of more experience and support for those caregivers when they are working with you or you’re elderly loved one.

To better understand some of the things senior care providers do to help their clients, let’s look at four of the more common ones.


Elder Care in Berwyn PA: Elder Care

Elder Care in Berwyn PA: Elder Care


First, they keep their elderly clients safe.

Family can certainly do that, too, but can family caregivers be there when the senior needs the support the most? Many of these same family caregivers have jobs or careers. They might be raising children of their own.

Time is often limited for the family members who want to support their aging parents or other loved ones. For an in-home care aide working at an agency, they can be there with the client when he or she needs it most.

It might be in the morning for one senior, the afternoon for another, and the evening for yet another elderly person. Whenever the senior needs support the most, when their safety is most compromised, that’s when elder care can be there for him or her.


Second, they can assist with getting dressed.

An adult child who is acting as a caregiver for their elderly mother or father, for example, might not have an issue in helping with some of these more intimate matters, like bathing, toileting, or getting dressed, but more often than not somebody in that relationship is going to be uncomfortable.

By turning to professional in-home care support services, those family members don’t have to be caught in the middle. A professional, seasoned elder care provider can assist their aging client in getting dressed and taking care of these other more personal, intimate details.


Third, many can help clean around the house.

Don’t misunderstand this: an in-home elder care aide is not a housekeeper. However, they can assist with general cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and cleanup.
As long as the aging senior is able to help or may be bedridden and needs some of these services done for them, an elder care provider can offer that level of support.


Fourth, some senior care providers can offer transportation.

Again, not all of them will do this, but for an in-home care aide who provides transportation to their clients, that means they can get this aging person to a doctor’s appointment, to the local senior center, and sometimes to the grocery store, other activities, or to visit with friends.

These are just a few ways that seasoned, compassionate elder care providers support their clients during a difficult time in their life. The more you know about elder care and what they offer, the easier it becomes to talk about it with somebody you love.


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