Five Strategies to Protect Your Senior’s Heart

Elder Care in Berwyn

Elder Care in Berwyn

Heart disease is a big problem for aging family members. If your elderly family member has any risk factors for heart disease, it’s more important than ever that she does everything she can to keep her heart as healthy as it can be. These ideas can help her do exactly that.

Cut Out Smoking and Alcohol

If your elderly family member drinks a few alcoholic drinks a week, or if she smokes, she may want to reconsider those habits. She’s an adult, of course, and can make her own choices about what she does. But if she wants her heart to stay as healthy as possible, she can make that job easier by kicking habits that directly harm heart health.

Find a Healthy Diet She’s Willing to Eat

What your senior eats is so important for heart health, but that doesn’t mean that she’s excited about changing her diet. Many heart health diets are restrictive, or at least feel restrictive to the people who try to adopt them. Finding a compromise and embracing whole-food eating might be the way to get her to cooperate. Elder care providers can make that task even easier by cooking for your senior.

Add Exercise if Her Doctor Supports the Move

Does your elderly family member exercise at all? If she doesn’t, that can be harmful for her heart. Talk to your senior’s doctor about exercise, and make sure she is cleared to do so. Then, work with her to find some movement activities that she loves, so that she’ll continue to do them. This is another area where home care professionals can help a lot. They can keep your senior company during workouts and remind her when it’s time to exercise again.

Encourage Her to Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is important for heart health, but rest is too. Your elderly family member may find that many areas of her life feel more complicated. That might mean that having some help from elder care providers to keep up with household tasks gives her a chance to get the rest she needs. Overnight care can also help your elderly family member feel more secure while she’s sleeping, since there’s someone there with her.

Follow the Rest of Her Doctor’s Care Plan

Every person’s heart needs are different, and that is definitely the case for your senior. That means that whatever plan her doctor outlines for her regarding heart health needs to be followed. Your senior will find that it’s a lot easier to avoid heart disease and other complications if she and her doctor are working together.

Keeping your elderly family member’s heart as healthy as possible is a big part of protecting her overall health. If your senior has to make some changes to what she’s been doing, make those changes slowly and be patient. It can take longer than you think to adopt new habits.

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